Wednesday, February 25, 2009

So, what does a Catholic girl like me do on Fat Tuesday>?

Go to Tutto Pasta for dinner. Italy is close enough to New Orleans...right? Ehh ok probably not. But, when we arrived we realized it was 1/2 price bottle wine night. Oh this sounds like an awesome deal on a Tuesday. I went to dinner w/ my friend Tina, who I met when she was 17 and I was 20. We worked at the Country Inn & Suites together and have been friends since. It's crazy to think that we are 26 and 23 now too. Wow, we got old. Tina is one of my friends that is actually still single right now, so of course we have a ton to talk about.

After splitting two bottles of wine (yes that's 1 bottle per person) we left. While I'm not condoning my behavior in anyway, it's kind of funny to look back and see what I do after a bottle of wine.

I always find it is a good idea to call Ray after I have been drinking. I feel like he will want to talk to me when I'm buzzed. I called him and started chatting non stop and he quickly realized I was buzzed. I then started to yell at him. Sigh. I don't know why. I then of course hung up pissed off and decided to text Mike #2 to let him know guys suck. This then proceeds to texting back and fourth of my anger towards men (I mentioned something about the Shady Matt guy) Luckily, Mike #2's phone was dieing so he couldn't text me anymore! I then decided I should pack my lunch and breakfast for the next day. I also had to pack my gym bag for the next day because I promised M&M I would go to the gym in the morning. I did an OK job at all of the above except for a few minor details..
1. I made the coffee WAY to strong..
2. I put two tank tops in my bag for different options. Thank god, one tank top would not have gone with my outfit at all today.
3. Instead of putting clean socks in, I put some random dirty ones that didn't match. Luckily I can forgo socks today.

Not to bad! I was 5 minutes late for the working out, but I actually got up and made it to the gym and ran 3 miles. It was a decent run, cept for the first 15min I wanted to die. I think my body was saying "why the fk would you drink a bottle of wine"

Happy Hump Day!

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Larissa said...

its always interesting the kinds of things people do after an entire bottle of wine. ;D