Friday, September 18, 2009

Color me confused.

As we continue to follow my crush/friend saga this is what all went down. I'm so fking confused right now. Does he or doesn't he want to be my friend?

Last you heard, Bus Driver called me last Friday night to apologize for not going out for his bday and him not calling me until two days later. In his voicemail he says "give me a call if you want to get a beer sometime next week"

I call him Monday night after class and leave a simple voicemail of "Hey it's Andrea, just seeing what's going on, give me a call back" He then texts me an hour later and says "Hey! Just got out of a school board meeting (no he isn't a baby daddy) Fun Stuff! I'll give you a holla later this week"

Ok cool. It's a Monday night. I'm thinking by Wednesday, Thursday or Friday he'd give me a "holla"

No holla came. So, I put on my big girl panties and decided to do something I hate to do. Text a guy once he says he will be in contact with me. But, I figured what the heck, I'm going for just friends here, so I can't be that annoying can I?

I text "Dude..It's Miller Time..holla back yo" Yes, I'm all gangsta and fun like that. That way it's an open invitation to drink some delicious Miller Lite, right?

I get this text back-
Bus Driver: In BRF

WHAT THE FK IS BRF? I call up my decoding buddy Louise and ask her. She has no clue what it is. I keep thinking, brief? Like he will call me back briefly? I turn to Google then because Google tells all. And holy crap Google answered my question.

BRF=Black River Falls.

Ooooooooh. The town he moved from. Ok that makes sense, but umm weren't you going to "holla" at me oh at the end of the week. It's Friday and you are 2 hours away.

A bit annoyed at this point after figuring out BRF, I text back "Ok nevermind"

I then dial my cousin Betsy to do the normal "what the heck is going on the Bus Driver!?!?" While dialing her, I get a text back from Bus Driver saying-

"Sorry dear....will be back on Sunday...."

WTF? Dear? Dear? You just called me dear. Dear to me is a kind of different word to use and to use to a girl you just blew off twice. And will be back on Sunday? Is that saying "you should call me Sunday and we can hang out" or "I'm gone till Sunday so don't bother calling me back the rest of the weekend" And again, he apologizes. I'M SO CONFUSED. Yes, I know, I'm just going for the friendship, but does this dude even want to be friends w/ me if he keeps blowing me off?

I then enlisted the advice of Betsy's fiance Jeremy and Ray.

Jeremy states: Leave him alone, he doesn't want you Andrea. Guys can't have girls as friends and he doesn't want anything to do w/ you. Don't waste your time, don't call him anymore.

And Ray says: Ehhh, I wouldn't call him anymore. I think he is just a flake like most guys and doesn't realize that he is ditching you.

But then Betsy brings up this tid bit. Bus Driver emailed Betsy's mom to get Betsy's contact info because Bus Driver says he wants to make some friends down here. Betsy also keeps saying she doesn't think he is that type of a guy to do that kind of stuff. He's not your typical guy.

So here lies where I'm confused. Does he or doesn't he want friend? Did Betsy and I spend our entire evening analyzing this whole friend situation. You betcha we did (we also talked about her crummy roommate and watched Project Runway). But come on!!!!!!!!!! Would you not think what the heck is up w/ this guy?

I know you are wondering why the heck I want to be friends w/ this guy, but really I would like to have some friends that actually live on my side of town, who are close to my age, who like to drink beer, who like sporting events. Yes, I have friends that do some of these things, but lately w/ me being the lone single chick, I'm either the 3rd wheel or begging my friends to do something. It's getting old. So maybe this is why I want this guy as a friend. I dunno. I'm just frustrated with everything right now.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Well then...

Whelp. He called. Tonight at 9:57pm. Yes it's only 20min later....shut it.

Though my phone was upstairs and I was down stairs watching Top Chef. Yes, I'm fully aware it's a Friday night people and it's obvious I'm not doing a damn thing.

He gets brownie points for leaving a voicemail AND apologizing at least 5 times in the voicemail. Oh and then double bonus points for saying "I'm busy this weekend up in Fondy (is that what people from there call Fond du Lac ) but give me a call sometime next week and we can grab a beer."

And of course this was after my mental breakdown to Becki and my mom of "why can't I even make guy friends at this point? They all hate me" Insert tears too.

Am I a wee bit over dramatic? Yes.

But I will take the wise words of wisdom from everyone that I heard and simply say/think. I don't care.

Ok kidding. I totally care, I got giddy seeing he called. But, mark my words, I will not be the normal Andrea you usually see. Change is coming. And I got the hair do to prove it.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


So he didn't call last night. I called my cousin and she gave me full permission to call him and wish him a Happy Birthday. Which I did by leaving a voicemail. Nothing.

Becki told me to not care about it. So, I'm not going to care at this point. It's *so* hard for me to not care. I care about what guys see me as. Again, I chalk this up to me being annoying and the guy totally thinking that.

I'm considering doing this challenge for myself:

90 day single girl challenge. I'm 99% sure I will fail miserably at it. I like boys too much. I'll keep y'all (y'all? Since when am I from the south?) updated if I actually take on the daunting challenge of not thinking about boys for 90 days.

Monday, September 7, 2009

I've gots a crush on somebody....

Ahhh, crushes are fun. Reminds me of back in the days when I used to chase boys around at recess trying to kiss them, writing love notes I would never give to them or driving by their house 15 times on a Friday night when I was in high school. Right Aimee?

So I'll tell you a little bit about my newest crush. I actually met Bus Driver about 3 years ago. Actually it was exactly 3 years ago this weekend. My cousin was his roommate, and he was having a going away party/Bus Driver's 25th birthday was that weekend, so me and my ex Stupid Boy went up there that weekend. Honestly, all I remember about Bus Driver was at 2am after Stupid Boy had done two-two story beer bongs in a row he wanted to go to sleep, so my cousin told me we could use the spare room. Well at 2am Bus Driver came in yelling at us that it was his mom's room for her that night and we couldn't sleep. So, that night I ended up sleeping in my sisters jeep. Flash forward to 2 1/2 years later, I'm at my cousins house again for another going away party for him (go check my post from April that I wrote about the party). My cousin no longer lives w/ Bus Driver, but Bus Driver shows up that night and starts talking to me about the job he is applying for in Middleton-Cross Plains as the head guy for bus department. I informed him that my aunt had been a driver there, so he started asking me questions about good places to live and what not. He had looked at the Mazo/Black Earth area. We chatted that night for a little bit.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago and my cousin Betsy came over to my house and was saying "Hey, remember Bus Driver, he got the job in Middleton and he lives right by you" Of course my cousin being my cousin says "Since he lives close to you, I should try setting you up" hahahaha. Right. I remembered talking to him that night and thought he was pretty cute and what not.

Then last week I was talking to my aunt, the one who drives bus for him (these are different relatives on different sides, confusing YES) and she was saying how he was asking where I lived in my neighborhood since he moved right by me. She said good things about him taking over the job and what not. I think that's where the seed got planted in my brain of "cute single guy who has a great job lives right by you"

So last night Betsy and I decided to go for a hike. We were talking about my failed set up of two weeks ago and so she asked if I would be interested in Bus Driver. See, now this is the difference in being set up w/ Bus Driver compared to the last guy. I have at least met and talked to Bus Driver, he knows what I look like and I know what he looks like. But I didn't want it to be Betsy calling him up and saying "hey my cousin is single you should go out w/ her" I want to start off as friends and go from there. Which is kind of what happened last night:)

After our hike we were hanging around Betsy called her mom to get Bus Drivers cell phone number. Betsy used my phone to call him then and see what he was up to. He said he was just getting done w/ work, so Betsy said "oh well my cousin Andrea and I were just hanging out and thought you might want to come over, but if you are working" but then he said "well I just got done, so I'd love to stop over by you guys" Whoa, I didn't expect him to say that. So we went into panic mode of trying to get me to look somewhat decent for him, but not look like I was trying to hard. Betsy of course still wearing her hiking gear, we assured that me looking better than her was a plus.

So Bus Driver gets to my place and right away he looks very cute and smells really good too. The three of us sat on the couch drinking a beer and talking. We then decided to go see his place so I could figure out where the heck he lived. So we took the less than a mile walk to his house. Wow he does live close. We then hung out at his place for a while drinking some more beer, right as I was finishing mine he gave me a new one. Suh-weet. He does have a bachelor pad, but it's a nice place. We then hiked it back to my place and cracked open another beer, but my cousin was getting tired and decided to leave. So Bus driver and I sat on the couch talking. I def did a little flirting w/ him, but nothing to hardcore. He had mentioned that it was his birthday this coming Wednesday so I said I would take him out if he wanted, and to my surprise he said that would actually be pretty cool if I did. He said he had some meeting he had to attend that night, but if he didn't have to go, he would take me up on my offer. We finished our beer and he said his bed was calling him name. I of course was tempted to say "you can spend the night here" but I didn't want to come off as a whore, seeing as he works w/ my aunt. When he left he made sure he had my number and I had his, and again mentioned going out for his bday on Wednesday.

I'm going to definitely try being more friends with him to start off with and see where it goes from there. Damn it's fun to have a crush again.