Saturday, May 23, 2009

Waiting for my sleeping pill to kick in...

Had I not taken a 6 hour nap, yeah that's right 6 HOURS OF NAPPING. Heck, I think that's considered just going back to bed really.

Of course, chilling at home on a Saturday night makes me feel ultra lame. Not sure why, seeing as the last two weekends in a row I have been traveling from stupid Chicago and all the way up to Green Bay, you would think I'd relish in the fact I am not doing a damn thing. Part of me does like just sitting here and part of me feels like a lame-o person.

Since I can't sleep, I figured I'd update you all w/ my guy situation. Or lack of guy situation after last night. And can I just say, I called it! He's just not that into you, well he's just not that into me I guess. My gut was a wee bit off the first date, but Thursday night my gut was right back on track with realizing this guy was just not that into me!

Almost 48 hours after I called Scuba he FINALLY called me back. 48 Hour Mystery anyone? I should have tuned into that TV show instead of whatever dumb show I was watching. I was walking out the door to meet with my cousin to catch up on our reality shows when he called. I decided to "silence" my phone when he called because I'm 99% sure he did it to me when I called Wednesday (have I mentioned it was Friday he was calling?!?!?!?!?!) I made my way over to my cousin's house.

I told her the whole situation. Short version of the story: Meet Tuesday. Called Thursday to confirm date on Sunday. 9 hour date Sunday. I called Wednesday to see what he was up to for the weekend. He called Friday and didn't leave a voicemail. First of all, who takes two days to call someone back and when they do finally call back they don't leave a voicemail. Really? Ughhh. So am I supposed to call him back? Who freaking knows? After discussing it with her and saying "Fk it, let's call him back to see what he says" I thought maybe after talking to him I'd be more clear of the situation. After Friday night it's as clear as mud to me now.

When I called Scuba back he said he was at Laredo's in Fitchburg w/ my sister, her boyfriend and our friend's Kate and Fred. He invited me out there (late invite huh?) Well since I was hanging out w/ my cousin I said the only way I'd go out there was if she could come with because I'm not ditching her when I have plans.

Without going into to much detail cuz my sleeping pill is starting to work. We got to the restaurant and sat down w/ the group. The way my friends are, they magically moved around so I was seated next to Scuba. You would think this would lead to great opportunities to talk to him. Nope that didn't really happen. While we did talk to each other, I felt like he was more talking at me and not to me. He was fine talking with the whole group of people, but one on one I felt like he didn't care I was even there. And it's not like I'm asking him to greet me w/ a big hug and devote his whole conversation to me, but come on, show me something here. The first night we met he was able to single me out somehow but I felt like I was the stranger in my own group of friends. WTF? During one of our conversations, he mentioned something about him hating Sex and the City. Ok, obviously everyone doesn't have to love every TV show and he is a guy. But then he proceeded to keep telling me how horrible of a show it was and yada yada yada. He just kept going on and on about how much of a bad show it was. Ok dude I get it. And at this point I'm a bit buzzed and annoyed with him. While he was in the bathroom Kate told me that they had kind of yelled at him for taking two days to call me back. His response was that he was unsure of things because he is going to be deployed in August and didn't know where things were going. Umm did I propose marriage during the first date? No. I understand deploying is a big deal, but we only went on one date and it's only May, we still have 2 months to figure out if we like or hate each other.

We all left at the same time and said bye. That was it. No "I'll call you" or "Way to go drinking way too many margaritas in 3 hours" nothing.

Like I said. It's as clear as mud.

The thing is, he isn't a bad guy at all. I don't think he is shady by any means. He's just not that into me, like all the guys I seem to meet.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

23 hours and counting....


This is the part that makes me hate dating. This is the part that makes me want to throw in the towel and say FUCK MEN. Seriously. Maybe I am having a presumptuous I hate dating/men rant, but I don't care. This is how I feel and this is why I get the nervous breakdowns when it comes to men.

Scuba and I went out Sunday night. It's now Thursday night and I haven't heard anything from him. "Did you call him?" Yup I called him. I called him last night at 8 o'clock to see how he was doing and if he wanted to do something this weekend. It's now been 23 hours since I left the voicemail. Sure he could call within the hour so he could make it under my "if I call you and leave a message, you have 24 hours to respond" Am I playing games? No. I'm not going to wait around for some guy to call me. AND furthermore, even had I not called him last night it would be 4 days since our first date.

I'm pretty sure I made it clear I wanted to hang out again and I'm pretty sure he seemed into me. Soooooooooooooo what is the problem here? If he is into me, why has he not called? If he isn't into me, ok then, let me know then.

I hate the games, I hate the excitement of a first date and then the realization that it was nothing, I hate everything there is when it comes to dating.

42min till the 24 hour mark.

Monday, May 18, 2009

9 hour long date...

Thank god it didn't feel like a 9 hour long date. I realize you can do a ton of things in 9 hours..Drive to another state and back, have a full work it's amazing that I can say that from 4pm yesterday to 1am I hung out w/ Scuba. Wowza.

Scuba picked me up (yeah!!!) and we headed downtown. I asked him what his plan was and he said we were going to go down to Barrique's for a bit. Barrique's is a cute little coffee/wine shop, normally I'm not a fan of their coffee, but I got a mint iced tea instead. We sat outside, which it was decently night out for once. It was nice and casual just hanging outside talking. He talked a ton about living out in California. And wow, he can talk a ton. He kept catching himself talking a lot and would quickly ask me a question because I think he felt bad. Honestly, all the dates I go on, it seems I'm the talker and the one holding the conversation. It was nice to sit back and let him do the work.

After we finished our drinks, we headed towards the Square and walked around. Since he really didn't have a plan at all, we mosey around for a bit. We sat there at a stand still trying to decide where we should go next. He said there was an Indian restaurant down the road on W. Wash, and since I like trying new foods I figured we could go there. It was cool that he was so open to eating different foods, I'm a big advocate of dating non picky eaters. I dunno what it is, but I really don't like picky eaters. The way I grew up, we ate everything on our plate and I think that's why I am not a picky eater at all. That probably could be why I love food so much. Hmmm...

Scuba is a very easy guy to talk. He has tons of funny stories and life experiences (wow I sound like my teacher Janet when I say that) By the time we finished dinner it was 7pm..time was flying! We headed down to Lucky's bar to play shuffle board. He kept calling it shuffle puck and I told him he was wrong, it's call shuffle board. Silly boy. We played two games, while you can rock at shuffle board you can also suck at shuffle board at the same time. We each won one game. Afterwards we sat there for a bit talking. While we were talking he was saying something about the shoe slide at Vilas park. I had no idea what he was talking about. He kept saying it was his favorite thing as a kid and he couldn't believe I didn't know about the shoe slide at Vilas park even though I had been there tons of times. So I told him to prove it about this shoe slide.

We drove to Vilas park which was only a few minutes away. Upon review of the shoe slide, I still for the life of me couldn't remember this being a big attraction for me when I was little. We sat on the swings and again just kept talking. For some reason I kept imagining this was some scene from a movie, going to the park late at night and swinging and probably a bit of kissing action. But there wasn't any kiss! We were probably there for a good hour just hanging out. It was about 10 o'clock so we decided to head home.

We got back to my place and I did the thing most people say not to do on a first date. Invite the guy up. Oops. So we just hung out on the couch talking/cuddling. Oh and kissing. Some definite kissing was going on. He's a good kisser too.

So yeah, at about 1am I was falling asleep/kissing him we decided to call it a night and he went home.

Questions people will probably ask that I hate:
Did you guys make plans to go out again? No we didn't. I'm for once in my life not worried about it. So take a chill pill.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wing Tuesday w/ a side of.....

Beer and possibly a date on Sunday?

Whoa, where the heck did this come from? While I came to the realization that I haven't been on a first date since way back in January and it's now officially the middle of May. And it's not because I have been dating steadily or anything. It's simply because I haven't been asked out in that long. Sad huh? Well if I do say so myself, I believe I have a first date on Sunday. Enjoy the magical story....OK this story is so not magical, but it's a cool story none the less.

Last night my sister and I went for a run after work. After we got done I could tell she was talking to her boyfriend Braden and saying she would meet up for Wing Tuesday at Buffalo Wild Wings. She asked if I wanted to go. Normally I play the old lady card and say "No, I'm much to tired and would like to just make myself some supper and go to bed like the good girl I am" But.....I really had no desire to cook last night and I turned in my last homework assignment of the semester and kind of was in the mood to celebrate. So I said "sure let's go" Then I of course asked if I was the 3rd wheel tagging along w/ her and Braden. She said that Scuba Steve should be there and a few other people. Okie dokie then!

Arriving at Buffalo Wild Wings we found Braden, Scuba and their friends in the bar. Like any of the guys I meet that are Angie's friends they say "wow you two look exactly alike" yeah I have heard this since I was 5 so I'm kind of used to it by now. When we got there though, Scuba Steve shouted "Holy crap Angie!!!!! That's your sister! WHOA! You can tell you two are sisters!" Uhh I don't think I have ever gotten that enthusiastic of a remark before.

In reviewing of Scuba Steve, I noticed he was wearing a Wing T-shirt, which of course prominently had wing stains on it. He said he had made the shirt at work (oh he is an Air Force dude) and wears it to wing night. College Frat boy anyone? I thought it was actually kind of funny. I mean really, a wing shirt. And if anyone of you have seen me eat, you know I enjoy just whiping my fingers on my shirt and not napkins, so he really came in handy last night.

After downing a few beers, wings and chips, I had that good feeling going. That in between happy fullness of wings and beer. Scuba Steve is what I would say, a loud guy. Not in an obnoxious way or anything though. Everyone at the table was talking, watching the Brewers and Bruins hockey game just having a grand ol time. I heard Scuba Steve make the comment about going out on a date w/ someone, so me being the snarky one I am I said "huh? you date?" He looked over at me and he had the "wow, she's got a bit of attitude" He said "yeah I date, what are you doing Friday night?" Ummm did he just ask me out? Whoa! So not expecting that! I said "umm I have a Keith Urban concert Friday" He's got some balls asking me out in front of everyone-including my sister. Of course Angie quickly hit me and she's like "this guy just asked you out in front of everyone and you turned him down! at least give him another option to go out w/ you" Doh! I normally don't have guys asking me out and I have to turn them down. A little bit later the other couple that was there left and there was the chairs next to me open. I told Scuba Steve to come sit by me-totally in a "come hither way" errr or not, I was more like "get over here" we started chatting more. He brought up that fact that I totally turned him down in front of every and he felt like an idiot. So I told him, that even though I was busy Friday, there were other dates he could ask me out for. He then picked Saturday night. Oh and here comes the "hanging my head in Keith Urban shame" Umm I had to bust out laughing and explain I was going to Keith Urban's concert on Saturday too. Wow, while I love my Keith Urban obsession and everything, I really felt like a major dork turning down a guy twice to go to a Keith Urban show. I quickly told him I wasn't trying to blow him off, I really was seeing Keith twice in the same weekend. I suggested maybe doing something on Sunday then. He stated that people don't go out on Sunday's. I said, well dude if you want to take me out then we are going out on Sunday. We chatted for a bit more. Angie and Braden left so it was just me and him chilling. He was a pretty funny guy. I looked at my phone and realized it was 11:.30. Holy crap time flew! I said we should probably get going cuz I needed to get up and go to this thing called work on Wednesday morning.

We walked out to the parking lot and I asked him which car was his. We walked over to it and he says "I really want to kiss you right now" and he kissed me! I was fully blown away that he was that ballsy and just kissed me. It was pretty damn cool if you ask me. He didn't beat around the bush. He just did it! It was a good kiss too. And of course during this time my sister has to be my sister and call me and ask what I'm doing. Not only did she call once, she called twice. Thanks sis.

He took my number and said he would call me about hanging out on Sunday. And he kissed me again.

I then drove home and watched The Real Housewives of NJ until 1am, for really no reason.

Oh and as for the nickname Scuba Steve, no clue why everyone calls him that, but it's kind of nice that I don't have to worry about finding a nickname for him.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Are you there vodka? It's me Andrea

OMG. You have got to read the book "Are you there vodka? It's me Chelsea" by Chelsea Handler. Aren't book titles supposed to be underlined? I can't find the underline button. Either way, find this book at your local library or stimulate the economy and buy it. If you enjoy reading my blog-the whole 3 1/2 people who do, then you need to get this book. Story of my life! Except for the whole stand up comedian thing. She also has written another booked called "My horizontal life: a collection of one night stands" I also have on hold at the local library (I'm cheap! And I don't like buying books) I can't wait to read that. Now on to my weekend.....

What started off as a 3 hour nap on Friday....oops! I made my way down to Chicago to visit my friend Aimee who I have known since 2nd grade. That's a whole lotta years of knowing someone. Aimee wasn't done with work till 10pm, so it was just me and her husband drinking beer-Leinenkugel's Fireside Nut Brown and chilliing on the couch watching Family Guy. Not to shabby for a Friday night. Aimee came home and we hung out watching tv for a bit and then it was off to bed because I was the lucky one taking her dance class the next morning.

While trying to fall asleep, The Marine text me w/ the standard "what are you up to?" Since I was actually awake and coherent I text back. We chatted for almost an hour of nonsense texting. I was getting annoyed at this point, it was almost 3am and he still hadn't called me. I text him back saying "If you want to talk call me. I'm done texting" I waited a good 15-20min and there was no call. So I said fk it and turned off my phone cuz I was getting tired. I awoke the next day ready for an exciting day of Core Rythms dance class I got to take. I turned my phone on and there was a voicemail and a text message from The Marine. The text came at 3:30am saying "You tell me to call you and then you turn off your phone. thanks" the voice mail was of him hanging up the phone. While most of your are thinking "WTG Andrea, way to get back at him for all the crap he has done to you" I actually felt bad. Why on earth do I feel bad for turning my phone off for The Marine? Sigh. I text back "My phone died while waiting for you to call me" Why no, my phone didn't die, but I did wait. So there I sat feeling guilty. This guy sure knows how to make a girl feel guilty. Stupid stupid boys. Aimee told me not to feel guilty, and I shouldn't feel guilty damnit! He has done this kind of thing to me ALL THE FREAKING TIME! I have tried putting it int he back of my mind now.

After the fantastic Core Rythms class-hey news flash! I have no rythm! Aimee and I made our way out to the outlet mall for some much needed retail therapy session. Trying on a gazillion clothing items is fun, cept for noticing how white your skin is. I could be albino at this point folks.

Hours of shopping and eating some sushi for dinner, we went back to her house and got ready for a night out for her friend Cathy's birthday. Dressing to impress as always, we made out way out in Chicago. Now I ask you this, out of all the bars in Chicago, how the heck did Aimee and I end up at the same place that a guy who went to our high school with? We both didn't know the guy, but recognized him. does this happen? Anyways, I started off drinking Blue Moon beer, two of those babies down and I was feeling great. I then out of stupidity changed it up to vodka cranberries. Ohhhh yeah, I'm a moron. I haven't had much hard liquor lately since it normally leaves me feeling like crud. But I was apparently in the mood for some and figured I might as well kill my UTI in the mean time. Kiddin! I don't have a UTI.

2 beers and 4 vodka cranberries later (I swear they didn't put any vodka in them, all I tasted was juice) I was feeling GREAT! I was out on the dance floor doing my best dancing ever. Now this kind of dancing I can do, Core Rythms, yeah not so much. I got the courage to go up to a random guy and make fun of his Chicago Bears hat. Being a Green Bay Packer fan, it's a must. Soon as I started talking to this douche, I quickly realized he was a douche. I then walked away. Even his voice was douchey and annoying. I then somehow started dancing w/ this one guy in a funky sweater. He was cute, but after we were done dancing we walked away from each other. Story of my life apparently. Chicago had plenty of men to offer me, but to my luck as always, there was no makeout or going home with-probably a good thing seeing as I wouldn't know how to find my way home.

We left the bar and were driving (we had a sober driver, no worries) It was me, Aimee, Henry and her friend Chuck. Aimee isn't the real hard core drinker like I am. While I'm telling this story as accuretly as I can I don't want to leave out any important facts. She was in the front seat when she proclaims she has to puke. So there we are going down I-90 in Chicago w/ Aimee puking out the window. It was a site I have waited for my whole life-probably since 2nd grade. I had the great buzz going that I thought it was hilarious she was puking. Great friend I am huh?

On the ride home I managed to drunk dial The Marine-he didn't pick up-shocker! Ray-didn't pick up either and Rod who again didn't pick up, but did text me asking what was up. Wow, 3 for 3 and no one was picking up. I feel like a loser now.

Sunday we went and got a massage, but we were both hung over like no other. I drove home that afternoon, well I guess not home really. I went to a concert. Guess what? Concerts and hang overs and 4 hours of sleep aren't a good idea. And it was a hard rock show too. Had I not been in the condition I was and had good mosh pit shoes (ballet flats are a big no no) I think I have a bruise on my shoulder from being beat Sunday night.

The concert was amazing, I went w/ my friend Louise. Apprently anytime Louise and I hang out in Madison, we are bound to see a guy I went out with or made out w/. And low behold, there was DL, a guy I had went out two dates w/ and then he disappeared. Again, story of my life.

That is the weekend wrap up. This coming weekend I am going back down to Chicago for my boyfriend Keith Urban's concert. Saturday morning I have a 20 mile run, then I'm heading up for another one of Keith's shows in Green Bay. Highly doubtful I will meet any boys there. The only guys that go to his shows are the ones who are drug by their girlfriends.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Probably the most boring blog you will ever read..

And............I'm sick AGAIN! No worries, it's not the swine flu. I'm sure you are thinking "weren't you sick like two blogs ago?" Yup, I was and that is the main reason I haven't been blogging much is because I haven't really gone out cuz I have felt like crap 99.9% of the time. I even went to the doctor (which I hate doing) and they gave me an antibiotic which I was taking, but low behold, I get sick again. I have a crappy immune system eh?

I'll fill you in on my glorious details of what my weekend was, snot rags and all!

Friday night: Took 3 hour nap after work. I was supposed to go out w/ some friends for a graduation/bday party. Yeah, I did decide to not go in the first place because I had a run on Saturday, but with me feeling like crap, it probably was a better idea for me not to go out. I almost should have went out, seeing as I kept waking up from my stupid cold and not being able to breath. I barely got any sleep, hence why I should have just drank instead!

Saturday-Run. Blah. It sucks running with a head cold. And what sucks even more about running with a head cold? Running and being super duper hungry and thinking you get to eat whatever you want, but when you bite into your yummy food, you can't taste anything! Not even the good nachos you made. We all know I puffy heart nachos. Notta, no taste. So after not being able to taste my food and having a killer headache, I took another 3 hour nap. Woke up and talked to my friend Louise because her and her friends were going out for the night and oh I SO wanted to go too, but again, this stupid cold had me sitting on my couch watching stupid TV.

Sunday-*sneeze*blow my nose*sneeze*blow my nose* (yes you are getting all the gory details) I spent the beautiful day inside doing homework and sneezing and blowing my nose. Glamorous, I know. I did manage to read outside for a bit to get some sun in. Then I headed down to the great town of Janesville, WI to have a belated birthday dinner for my friend Cindi. And the best part, aside from hanging out w/ Cindi, was it was a free meal. Woot! Who doesn't love a free meal!?!?!

*Hopefully* Next Monday I will have a ton to write about because I'm going to the big city of Chicago (alright it's technically Streamwood, IL. but saying Chicago sounds so much cooler, sorry Aimee) to hang out w/ Aimee for the weekend. All I have to say is Aimee better have the best weekend ever for me! Right Aimee? I know you are reading this...