Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wing Tuesday w/ a side of.....

Beer and possibly a date on Sunday?

Whoa, where the heck did this come from? While I came to the realization that I haven't been on a first date since way back in January and it's now officially the middle of May. And it's not because I have been dating steadily or anything. It's simply because I haven't been asked out in that long. Sad huh? Well if I do say so myself, I believe I have a first date on Sunday. Enjoy the magical story....OK this story is so not magical, but it's a cool story none the less.

Last night my sister and I went for a run after work. After we got done I could tell she was talking to her boyfriend Braden and saying she would meet up for Wing Tuesday at Buffalo Wild Wings. She asked if I wanted to go. Normally I play the old lady card and say "No, I'm much to tired and would like to just make myself some supper and go to bed like the good girl I am" But.....I really had no desire to cook last night and I turned in my last homework assignment of the semester and kind of was in the mood to celebrate. So I said "sure let's go" Then I of course asked if I was the 3rd wheel tagging along w/ her and Braden. She said that Scuba Steve should be there and a few other people. Okie dokie then!

Arriving at Buffalo Wild Wings we found Braden, Scuba and their friends in the bar. Like any of the guys I meet that are Angie's friends they say "wow you two look exactly alike" yeah I have heard this since I was 5 so I'm kind of used to it by now. When we got there though, Scuba Steve shouted "Holy crap Angie!!!!! That's your sister! WHOA! You can tell you two are sisters!" Uhh I don't think I have ever gotten that enthusiastic of a remark before.

In reviewing of Scuba Steve, I noticed he was wearing a Wing T-shirt, which of course prominently had wing stains on it. He said he had made the shirt at work (oh he is an Air Force dude) and wears it to wing night. College Frat boy anyone? I thought it was actually kind of funny. I mean really, a wing shirt. And if anyone of you have seen me eat, you know I enjoy just whiping my fingers on my shirt and not napkins, so he really came in handy last night.

After downing a few beers, wings and chips, I had that good feeling going. That in between happy fullness of wings and beer. Scuba Steve is what I would say, a loud guy. Not in an obnoxious way or anything though. Everyone at the table was talking, watching the Brewers and Bruins hockey game just having a grand ol time. I heard Scuba Steve make the comment about going out on a date w/ someone, so me being the snarky one I am I said "huh? you date?" He looked over at me and he had the "wow, she's got a bit of attitude" He said "yeah I date, what are you doing Friday night?" Ummm did he just ask me out? Whoa! So not expecting that! I said "umm I have a Keith Urban concert Friday" He's got some balls asking me out in front of everyone-including my sister. Of course Angie quickly hit me and she's like "this guy just asked you out in front of everyone and you turned him down! at least give him another option to go out w/ you" Doh! I normally don't have guys asking me out and I have to turn them down. A little bit later the other couple that was there left and there was the chairs next to me open. I told Scuba Steve to come sit by me-totally in a "come hither way" errr or not, I was more like "get over here" we started chatting more. He brought up that fact that I totally turned him down in front of every and he felt like an idiot. So I told him, that even though I was busy Friday, there were other dates he could ask me out for. He then picked Saturday night. Oh and here comes the "hanging my head in Keith Urban shame" Umm I had to bust out laughing and explain I was going to Keith Urban's concert on Saturday too. Wow, while I love my Keith Urban obsession and everything, I really felt like a major dork turning down a guy twice to go to a Keith Urban show. I quickly told him I wasn't trying to blow him off, I really was seeing Keith twice in the same weekend. I suggested maybe doing something on Sunday then. He stated that people don't go out on Sunday's. I said, well dude if you want to take me out then we are going out on Sunday. We chatted for a bit more. Angie and Braden left so it was just me and him chilling. He was a pretty funny guy. I looked at my phone and realized it was 11:.30. Holy crap time flew! I said we should probably get going cuz I needed to get up and go to this thing called work on Wednesday morning.

We walked out to the parking lot and I asked him which car was his. We walked over to it and he says "I really want to kiss you right now" and he kissed me! I was fully blown away that he was that ballsy and just kissed me. It was pretty damn cool if you ask me. He didn't beat around the bush. He just did it! It was a good kiss too. And of course during this time my sister has to be my sister and call me and ask what I'm doing. Not only did she call once, she called twice. Thanks sis.

He took my number and said he would call me about hanging out on Sunday. And he kissed me again.

I then drove home and watched The Real Housewives of NJ until 1am, for really no reason.

Oh and as for the nickname Scuba Steve, no clue why everyone calls him that, but it's kind of nice that I don't have to worry about finding a nickname for him.

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