Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hey! Let's watch the hockey game...

First things first. I'd like to thank both Kate and Tom for voting in this week's "where do I take my date?" While both of you voted downtown Great Dane location, I went out on my own and decided to Fitchburg. For reasons I have no clue why. Thank you for taking your time out of your day to vote.

Army boy and I have been talking for about a week now, he is from a bit far away too. Like 1 1/2 hours away from me. He told me that he would travel down to meet me. Sweet, no driving to his town and getting lost. I get lost easily, what can I say?

I originally suggested we meet up at the Great Dane to watch some UW Hockey, this way in case he was boring me, I'd be able to focus my attention the game and not him. Makes sense no? Well we met up for dinner and drinks at the Great Dane. We started chatting right away, not too much awkwardness which was nice. About half way through eating our dinner, I asked what time it was since I figured the game would be starting by now. Yeah, it was like 7:45pm. The game I had thought started at 7pm. Hmmm so apparently the Great Dane decided to not broadcast this game for us. So I kind of felt like an idiot for sayin "let's watch the hockey game, you like hockey Army Boy, this will be fun" and there was no hockey. But lucky for me, I didn't need the hockey game to divert my attention from Army boy. He was quite entertaining for me. I was definitely having a good time talking with him. I thought he was pretty cute. Not omg cute, but I think as the night went on, his personality made him cuter. Make sense? In my head it does. Anywhoo, I rated the date a 8 out of 10. He seems like a "nice" guy. And when I say "nice" I mean, he's usually a guy I probably wouldn't go for since he's not my typical "bad" boy. I think I'll give the "nice" guy a chance.

After the date he sent me this text "I had a great evening with you Andrea. Thank you:)" And then this afternoon he text me asking how my day was and then invited me up to his region for dinner. I declined due to me hanging out w/ my friend Tommy. And I'm trying that whole "playing hard to get" thing.

Not sure if I have a date on Wednesday and Thursday with two other randoms from eHarmony. They haven't confirmed yet with me.....I shall keep y'all posted!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Don't hate the playa, hate the game.

The game is being played.

D had to cancel last week for our 2nd date due to work. He warned me he is on call 24/7. Ok that's fine. But to cancel on me TWICE in one week? I of course went to my friends on this and asked the question "is this dude blowing me off? hoping to get a clear answer.

1/2 said he was a jerk and was blowing me off
1/2 said he said he is into me still

Well, I'd have to say, the 1/2 that said he was blowing me off might be right. Guess who hasn't talked or called me since last Friday when he sent me the text saying he couldn't hang out that night? Yup. D.

Yes, when he cancelled he did try to reschedule for Saturday night. I told him I was busy that night (total lie I sat on my couch alllllll night long, but this is the game we are playing now right?)

I'm not going to be the girl to drop everything if a guy asks me out last minute like that. Sure I could have went out w/ him, but then he'd be winning. He would know that at the drop of a hat, I'd be there. I'm not going to do that.

He may still call or text, which is fine, but I may or may not be busy too.

I've got 3 potential dates set up for the near future. Saturday night might be w/ an Army Boy (ohhh my military men weakness!) Then two other random guys for Wednesday and Thursday.

D who?


Monday, November 16, 2009

1 1/2 dates in...

3:35pm text from D: Hey! Do you have plans tonight?

Whoa. A guy who went out w/ me once, wants to go out w/ me again AND it's not even 24 hours since the first date?

I'll admit, I pondered for a bit if I should do something w/ him so soon. Becki told me if she were in my shoes, she wouldn't do it. She would want to appear "cool" and have a life. News flash, the most on my agenda tonight was to do some over due homework, and really the only reason I said I was going to do that is cuz Becki told me. Like I really wanted to do homework.

I text back: Just doing some homework tonight, why what's up?

D texts back: Thought you might want to go to a movie w/ me, it's not a date, just friends going to a movie:)

Hahaha. Right. I weighed the pros and cons.
Hanging out w/ D
Seeing a movie
More makeout action

Doing homework

Winner was going to a movie. He picked me up and again, opened my car door. I def can get used to this. We went to the movie where he held my hand. It was cute:)

Came back to my place after and sat in his car and talked for a bit and of course made out a bit.

I asked him what the plan was for Friday for our actual 2nd date and he said he wasn't sure yet, but it would be a "nice" date. Hmmm let's try to remember the last actual "nice" date I went on. Yeah I'm still thinking...........

Sunday, November 15, 2009

I'm goin' through the Big D and don't mean Dallas

Don't ask where I got this title from. Well besides it's a great Mark Chestnutt song. Google it.

D and I were supposed to go out last Thursday night. At the last minute, well 4 hours prior to the date, he had to cancel becauase he was stuck up north. I was not a happy camper, but he at least text me and told me. Well Friday night my friend Brooke text me saying she couldn't go to the UW Basketball game w/ me on Sunday. Originally in our texts he had asked if I could hang out Sunday night first, but since I had the game w/ Brooke I told him I couldn't. Well since now I was open Sunday night I figured I would text him to see if he was interested in going to the game w/ me, something quick and casual ya know? I text him Friday night saying my friend couldn't come and if he wanted he could come with me. He said he had gotten an offer to go to the Packer game that day. After I got that text I just assumed he was going to that.

Saturday night I got a text from him saying "if you still have that ticket available for the UW game tomorrow, I'll take it" Umm huh? I thought he was going to the Packer game. Well since it was available I told him so, well he FINALLY just called me and we talked for 20min. He said he did have an offer for BOX SEATS AT THE PACKERS VS COWBOYS GAME and he gave them up to hang out w/ ME. That's right ME. I even told him he was crazy for this. Crazy. And it better be a damn good date now huh? Lot's of pressure.

D picked me up (I know 2 people who know him so I felt safe having him pick me up) we went to BW3's for wings and beer and to watch the Packer game before going to the UW game. I'm a die hard Packer fan and I actually found it hard to pay attention to the game, we were talking that much and having a good time. It was awesome. We laughed a ton too. We then headed to the UW game and of course got in there right before half time. Oops, if Wisconsin was playing a tough team I might be angry, but we were playing some no name school so it was fine by me. Again, we watched the game, but talked and had a great time. He even had his arm around me too. Oh and D seems to know the right people in Madison because he always has box seats for sporting events, so it was kind of funny making him sit w/ the "regular" people.

After the game he drove me back home where we shared a few good night kisses. I did not sleep w/ him and whore it up. GO ME!

Highlights of the date:
He opened my car door. EVERY.SINGLE.TIME
Helped take off my jacket when we got to the game
He told me I had beautiful eyes and smile.
He kept telling me how sweet I was
He also said he was glad he didn't go to the Packer game
And he just text me asking when our 2nd date was.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


As you recall, last year I did and successfully went on 7 first dates and 1 second date. Which in my mind was kind of a failure.

As of Sunday evening, eHarmony has sent me 27 potential dudes. Like actual good dudes too. On Friday I had gotten a guy we shall call "D" interested. We did the standard questions we had to send back and fourth to each other, along w/ the must haves and can't stands. Then good old Dr. Warren sent his message to us and then we were free to chat. D emailed me and he seemed like a cool dude, he invited me out Saturday to Babe's because I had said I liked country music, and he said his friend was in a country band that was playing. Of course Friday evening when I came home from my one birthday party, I was a bit intoxicated when I got his email, being the smart intoxicated person, I refrained from emailing him at that point. On Saturday morning when I was a bit sober, I sent him an email saying I was going to be going to the UW Hockey game for my birthday party #2, but I wasn't sure what was going on after, so I gave him my number and told him to call me and maybe we could meet up.

So after we got done w/ the hockey game we headed to the Nitty Gritty. I got a text from D asking how the game was and what was all going on, I told him I was at the Nitty Gritty and he asked if it was ok if he could stop by and buy me a shot. Buying me shots is one way to my heart. He then asked how many people where there w/ me. I told him there was 7 of us. We were at the upstairs area hanging out and about 5 min later D showed up. Right away I knew it was him. He sent me a text saying he was at the upstairs part of the bar and to look for him. I went over to him and said hi, and we talked really briefly. He had a huge tray of shots of Dirty Girl Scout shots so I asked them who they were for. He said "your friends" Umm yes, he bought shots for me and all my friends. Umm hi. Awesome. And they were really good shots too, even better. He also bought me a beer when we were up there as well. Big points for D within the first 5 minutes.

We chatted for a few minutes, when the Nitty Gritty decided to put the heat on full blast, I sat there holding my beer and was wiping my sweat mustache I was that hot. Everyone was hot. So I said I couldn't stay there because the heat was making me want to vomit. We then left the bar and sat outside the Nitty Gritty for 30 minutes talking. I was still w/ a few my friends and D was fitting in like he had known them for years. It was great!

We decided to leave, but D said he had to go back home and take care of his drunk friend that was at his house. We kind of parted ways in an awkward way, not bad, but it wasn't the solidified good bye I wanted.

We got to the next bar and of course my freak out mode began and right away, Aimee's husband Henry told me I was over thinking it way to much already. Ummm he was right. Tell him I said that Aimee:)

This morning at 9:15am I got a text from him saying good morning and asked how the rest of my night was. We text back and fourth and he said he would like to hang out w/ me one on one sometime and asked what I was doing for the day. I stupidly figured he was asking me if I wanted to do something, not the standard what are you doing. I told him what I was doing and that if he wanted to hang out later that night I was free. He then replied that he was busy tonight, but would love to hang out this week or next weekend sometime.

We shall see what happens and when we will be able to get together. I'm excited so far, but as we have learned from my history, I need to not the jump the gun and start planning my wedding. I do also have a huge inventory of men that I need to read through their profiles too.

Stay tuned for more details.........................

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Oh no, hell no, boy went up and done it.

I done it.

I signed up for Eharmony. Happy Birthday to me? I turn 27 in 30min, and this is how I celebrate? By signing up for a dating web site.

Can you tell how thrilled I am right now? I better get some drinks out of this. Or hell maybe a relationship.

Of course I will chronicle my dating experiences for entertainment purposes only.

Let the 6 month ride begin.....NOW (yes it was cheaper for 6 months than 3 months)