Monday, November 16, 2009

1 1/2 dates in...

3:35pm text from D: Hey! Do you have plans tonight?

Whoa. A guy who went out w/ me once, wants to go out w/ me again AND it's not even 24 hours since the first date?

I'll admit, I pondered for a bit if I should do something w/ him so soon. Becki told me if she were in my shoes, she wouldn't do it. She would want to appear "cool" and have a life. News flash, the most on my agenda tonight was to do some over due homework, and really the only reason I said I was going to do that is cuz Becki told me. Like I really wanted to do homework.

I text back: Just doing some homework tonight, why what's up?

D texts back: Thought you might want to go to a movie w/ me, it's not a date, just friends going to a movie:)

Hahaha. Right. I weighed the pros and cons.
Hanging out w/ D
Seeing a movie
More makeout action

Doing homework

Winner was going to a movie. He picked me up and again, opened my car door. I def can get used to this. We went to the movie where he held my hand. It was cute:)

Came back to my place after and sat in his car and talked for a bit and of course made out a bit.

I asked him what the plan was for Friday for our actual 2nd date and he said he wasn't sure yet, but it would be a "nice" date. Hmmm let's try to remember the last actual "nice" date I went on. Yeah I'm still thinking...........

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