Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hey! Let's watch the hockey game...

First things first. I'd like to thank both Kate and Tom for voting in this week's "where do I take my date?" While both of you voted downtown Great Dane location, I went out on my own and decided to Fitchburg. For reasons I have no clue why. Thank you for taking your time out of your day to vote.

Army boy and I have been talking for about a week now, he is from a bit far away too. Like 1 1/2 hours away from me. He told me that he would travel down to meet me. Sweet, no driving to his town and getting lost. I get lost easily, what can I say?

I originally suggested we meet up at the Great Dane to watch some UW Hockey, this way in case he was boring me, I'd be able to focus my attention the game and not him. Makes sense no? Well we met up for dinner and drinks at the Great Dane. We started chatting right away, not too much awkwardness which was nice. About half way through eating our dinner, I asked what time it was since I figured the game would be starting by now. Yeah, it was like 7:45pm. The game I had thought started at 7pm. Hmmm so apparently the Great Dane decided to not broadcast this game for us. So I kind of felt like an idiot for sayin "let's watch the hockey game, you like hockey Army Boy, this will be fun" and there was no hockey. But lucky for me, I didn't need the hockey game to divert my attention from Army boy. He was quite entertaining for me. I was definitely having a good time talking with him. I thought he was pretty cute. Not omg cute, but I think as the night went on, his personality made him cuter. Make sense? In my head it does. Anywhoo, I rated the date a 8 out of 10. He seems like a "nice" guy. And when I say "nice" I mean, he's usually a guy I probably wouldn't go for since he's not my typical "bad" boy. I think I'll give the "nice" guy a chance.

After the date he sent me this text "I had a great evening with you Andrea. Thank you:)" And then this afternoon he text me asking how my day was and then invited me up to his region for dinner. I declined due to me hanging out w/ my friend Tommy. And I'm trying that whole "playing hard to get" thing.

Not sure if I have a date on Wednesday and Thursday with two other randoms from eHarmony. They haven't confirmed yet with me.....I shall keep y'all posted!

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