Monday, October 26, 2009

All good things come to those who wait....

Things that always seem like a good idea, but then in the end they aren't:

1. Body shots. Sure it's all fun and games until you are puking your brains out.
2. Hiking. Good idea till I roll my ankle yet again. And now I can't exercise for awhile.
3. Trying to date hot new coworker and end up having sex with him. Things get weird and now there is a whole bunch of awkwardness instead.

I'm of course mainly talking about choice number 3. Plenty of people I know have met their significant other thru work. How could it not work?

Umm cuz I royally messed it up by sleeping with the dude on the first date. Doh!

Now instead of smiling at each other and thinking, I can't wait to see you again! It's nothing. It's the blank stare of "yeah lets not even try to remember what happened" looking at the ground instead of making eye contact, coming into the break room and not saying anything to me. 2 weeks ago, HE jumped at the chance to talk to me when I was in the break room. Now he scurries away.

This sucks. As Kate told me "Andrea, you have to stop sleeping with these guys on the first date"

It's true. I did a flipping survey about it too, 9/10 people agreed. I need to stop whoring it up on the first date. Which is hard for me to do. Honestly. It's not like I'm proud of it, but we all know I like to have fun, but guess what happens when I have fun? The guys run. Far far far far away. And then guess who is not having fun anymore? This girl right here.

So, here it goes. I'm going to try to wait with the next guy.

How crushes become not crushes. By talking.

Back my popular demand, or Fred and Aimee were really the only ones to complain about my lack of blogging. I'm back. But really, I'm choosing to blog about my nonsense of boys and what not.

Remember Bus driver? It was two posts ago. Anywhoo. He did end up calling me one night and asked why I never called him about lunch. Umm I did. I left a voicemail. Standard stuff buddy. He went on and on saying I didn't. Ok whatever, so he did his usual "well maybe tomorrow night we can get a drink" yeah sure, umm I'm not going believe anything you say anymore.

Thursday night comes and my door bell rings. No one ever visits me unannounced in my neck of the woods. There my cousin Chris (Bus Drivers old roommate) was. He was in the neighborhood visiting Bus Driver and thought he'd visit me. We start chatting and I brought up Bus Drivers random annoyance of everything. Chris pointed out that he is just a weird guy. Chris called Bus Driver and said he was hanging out w/ me. We called my other cousin to come over. Then we headed over to Bus Driver's house.

Within 5min of arriving I was over my had been crush on Bus Driver. Obviously after the shady parts of him were exposed I was done having the crush. But I thought this guy could redeem himself. HAHAHAHAHAAHA I wanted to stuff a sock in his mouth he was that annoying. Guess what he spent the majority of his night talking about? Buses. I'm not kidding.

Of course I ended up getting drunk as hell because well I had nothing else to do. It was a fun night. But I'm glad this crush has come to an end.

Now if only I could get over someone else now too.....

Monday, October 19, 2009


3 years ago Stupid Boy was breaking up w/ me for the 14,000th time

2 years ago I was sleeping with a guy who I knew had a girlfriend and I was dating Tony Bologna

1 year ago I embarked on this dating challenge

And today. I'm still alone. Very alone. Yes, I have friends and family. But it's not the same.

Did I honestly think that after a year of this, I would still be in the same exact position I was in when I went out on that first date w/ that Scott guy? Nope. I thought I would come away with something. Something. But I have nothing. Again, I'm not talking friends and family.

I can't tell you the amounts of texts I have read over and thought "what does this guy mean?' Or the he says one thing but does another thing.

I actually went on a date with a guy over a week ago, but I kept it secret from here. Maybe if I didn't blog about it I would have success. Wishful thinking on my part. It of course is not going anywhere. The kicker of course "I like you Andrea, but I don't want to be in a committed relationship" Yup and also tell me what a great girl I am before you kick me in the heart. Thanks dude.

I'm done. I've cried enough tears over guys at this point. I've blogged a years worth here. Not gonna lie, it's sad and pathetic.

I don't know when I'll start blogging again. I'm not trying to be a whole pity party here. I obviously can't seem to get this dating thing right or even friendship with a guy right (speaking of the Bus Driver, he contacted me again and said "lets go to lunch" stupidly I believed he wanted to and called. Yup. He never returned my call). No matter what I do or say with a guy. It's wrong. People tell me to just be me. And I am. I just give up at this point.