Wednesday, December 3, 2008

3 beer buzz date

While I thought things were going pretty darn good w/ Kurt (read my last post and then you will see that is a big fat NO) Last week, one of the guys had text me. We had been texting/barely talking since the beginning of November. I had then began my quest with Kurt, so I wasn't overly concerned w/ Gfunk. He had text me asking if I wanted to hang out sometime last weekend. I thought hard about it and wasn't sure if I should. I have always been a 1 person kind of girl. While there is nothing wrong w/ dating two people at once, I just never get that opportunity for it to ever happen. EVER.

I decided to go out w/ Gfunk, though I felt guilty as hell (I think that's a Catholic thing, feeling guilt) We decided to get together Sunday night for a beer, since I owed him one from him guessing that my sister is Angie Hellenbrand. Yes, I had found a military boy that works with my sister. While this does seem like a bad formula, seeing as one of the last jerkwads I went out w/ worked w/ Angie and was a military boy. From what Angie said, he seemed like a nice guy (she had seen him one day at the chili cook off, well if he likes chili that's a great start!)

We met up at Pooley's on the East side on a Sunday night, seriously, I was ready to go to bed at this point and here I am meeting up for drinks. Right away, I thought he was by far the cutest guy. The others were decent looking, but he had the look I like. Tall, man I like tall guys. And military and dressed good. Cha-Ching!

We started talking, he bought me the first beer. It was good conversation. Again though, it was first date conversation. Blah. I then proceeded to buy the 2nd beer. We just kept talking. By the middle of the 3rd beer, I hit a funky beer buzz. I just started rambling like a mad women about topics. On and on I went. I don't know what came over me, besides that I was just buzzed and wanted to talk. I bet he thought "great I get to be her therapist for the night" no worries, I didn't start crying by any means. But I just turned into random chick talking.

By 10:20pm, I was getting tired and starting to realize I just was a rambling fool at that point. We called it a night. He walked me out and gave me a hug and said good bye. There wasn't any "I'll call you" but there was a hug. I have no freaking clue what that means. And honestly, it's been 2ish days. If he wants me, he knows where to find me. I'm not worried by it.

At this point, I might just stick to kissing cute random guys at bars. Screw dating.

Back to square one I guess...


I know I haven't been updating this with much lately, probably because I haven't been on any first dates (well I did Sunday, we will get more into that later) I had been hanging out Kurt lately and I thought things were going pretty good, no wedding plans by any means (thank god, I did that once w/ an ex boyfriend...lame) but we talked on the phone a bit and hung out, with what I thought was a good time.

Then my intuition kicked in. I have my share of over thinking/worrying issues I'm well aware of. But with Kurt at first, I wasn't worried. He called when he said he would and made plans to do things. It felt nice to not be freaking out like my normal self. I finally felt like my worries had gone far far far away. Well they came back, and ya know, I should listen to my gut. The gut tells all.

I had hung out w/ Kurt last Saturday night. I thought things went well. Lots of cute flirty things, followed by just hanging out and talking. What's not to like about a cool casual date like this? We painted ceramics and cooked dinner together. Recipe for a nice night. And it was.....

We had plans for Monday night to go to the Taproot concert. On Saturday when we had hung out, Kurt had started to cough a bit and you could tell he was sick. So Monday afternoon he called to cancel w/ me since he was sick. I knew he was sick so it's not like he was making it up by any means. After I got off the phone w/ him, I all of a sudden felt that something wasn't right. I had my instant thought in my head (that I haven't had in quite some time) I thought "He hates me" I then voiced my concerns w/ some dear friends about it and they all agreed I was crazy and he was sick and that's why he cancelled. Ok, fine. He is sick, but again, something just didn't feel right. I kept thinking he doesn't like me, I came on to strong for him, yada yada yada. I tried tucking away those thoughts and tried thinking of the positives of the last few dates we had.

Tuesday came around and I thought to myself that I should text him and see how he was feeling. But right away my gut reaction told me not to. And I listened and didn't bother texting him.

Today at work one of my buddies Jay offered me 4 Packers tickets. Umm hi. awesome. I immediately think to invite Kurt. He leaves his phone off during the day, so I left him a voicemail all giddy and excited. (Who wouldn't be this freaking excited for 4 Packers tickets?!?!?!?) I even went as far as to tell my cousin who works w/ him to have him check his voicemail ASAP and invited her to the game too! So of course, the one time I get up to go pee at work and leave my phone at my desk, Kurt calls me. He leaves me a voicemail saying he got my message, but he wanted to talk to me about something. Ummmm "talk to me about something" is normally code word for "yeah...this isn't good news" I of course went into freak out mode again and concluded that he hated me. Again I tried reassuring myself that he didn't. But something just didn't feel right. (what's even more creeping is that when I missed his phone call I even envisioned him ending it with me) All day long my head was full of negative thoughts. I had to go to school too, and was stuck in the most boring class ever, so again my mind was just running. I got done w/ school and went to the grocery store to get some delish chicken. I settled in to my couch when I got home and called him. His phone was still off so I just left a voicemail. About 10min later I called my cousin Betsy to rattle off my insane thoughts of "he doesn't like me" blah blah blah. While I was on the phone w/ her, Kurt called me. I switched over to him and starting talking. We made small talk about him not feeling good and what not. For like two seconds I thought, maybe I was wrong. Nope. I then asked, so, what's new? And there was that dreaded silence. The one you know something is up. I'm like, so are ya gonna come to the Packer game on Sunday then? He right away says no, he isn't able to make it. Me being the smart ass and already figuring something was up says "Why? Or do I not even want to know?"

He then says "Well you are a great girl (yes, I know this is true) but I just didn't feel a connection w/ you on Saturday and I can't go to the game w/ you knowing I don't feel anything. Blah blah blah. It was fun hanging out. blah blah blah. Maybe we can be friends."

I think I said "ok" about 4 million times before I said, "Well I gotta get going now, talk to you later"


Blah. I know he isn't a jerk like the Marine or any of the other guys who just don't call me back. Yes, I'm glad I found out now, he was honest, yada yada yada. He wasn't a bad guy and I don't want to rip on him. If you don't feel a connection, you don't feel a connection. No point in forcing it. But, it just sucks. It sucks. I hate this feeling. It's a sucky balls situation and I'm bummed. I felt something, but he didn't.

I am SO grateful for my friends tonight who listened to me cry (yeah, yeah I cried, I cry at the drop of a hat) My friends ROCK. I puffy heart you girls!!!!!!!

So, I guess I'm back to square one at this point.

Lesson of the day ladies:
Follow your gut. For reals.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I'm making this short & sweet

Short & sweet. We all know I could go on for hours and hours talking. But I have found someone who can talk more than me. I'm in shock. One of my pet peeves in life is when you are out w/ someone and they give one word short answers. Well, I went out w/ Kurt for the 2nd time last night and I can tell you right now, I highly doubt I will ever get a one word answer from him. EVER. I like that though. It finally gets me to shut up for once and awhile and actually be able to relax and not have to talk.

So, I'm gonna keep this blog entry short & sweet, and write about the cool things that happened.

I had talked to Kurt Sunday night trying to see if I got the vibe from him wanting to see me again or if he never wanted to talk to me again. Luckily he had picked the the right one of wanting to see me again. We decided to meet up Wednesday night, getting some din din and go bowling. I had bragged about my bowling skills (though if anyone knows me, I have none, I just like to brag) He couldn't meet up till 8ish that night and my original plan was to go home after class and chill. Well that changed when I saw my sister and we decided to go shopping instead.........2.5 hours later and I have a new wardrobe! Sweet! Oh, back to the date! We met up and Noodles & Company at about 8:06pm on the East side. Right away when I saw him, I definitely thought he was still cute-I have problems where I think a guy is cute, then I see him again and I'm like WTF was I thinking? We spent a good hour at Noodles & Company talking. Just talking. It was cool. He carries himself so well when he talks, it makes him even more attractive for some reason. We headed over to Boulevard to get our bowl on. I could tell the flirting level had definitely risen about 50% from the first date, first date was very formal, this one was more flirty and fun. First game went well, I only lost by 2 whole points, with a high score of 86. Then the 2nd game happened and it all went down hill from there. I have no bowling skills and Kurt was happy to point out how bad I was. He really upped his game and won by like 30 points. So by the 3rd game I knew I was pretty much screwed and lost by 100 points. Sigh, yeahhhhhhhh. I guess bowling ain't my game. But it was a lot of fun! We hung out talking for another 30 min at the bowling alley (cuz apparently no one bowls on Wednesday nights) We left and walked out to our cars in the parking lot, doing the awkward good bye in the freezing cold weather (yeah I didn't wear a jacket cuz you can't wear a jacket w/ the vest w/ da fur, you look preggers if you do) he said he would give me a call this weekend and went in to give me a hug. I of course said "What, I only get a hug from you?!?!?"

I'll just say this...........

I didn't just get a hug last night. It was cute. Awwwwwww ok shut up now.

And apparently, I can't write a blog that is short and sweet huh?

Friday, November 14, 2008

I hate first dates*

*Disclaimer* The reason I hate first dates is because after going on 5 first dates within 5 weeks, I'm kind of getting burned out on them. I feel like they are so fake, even with the right dude and someone who you have great chemistry over email and phone conversation and then all of a sudden you are sitting there at the table wondering, how the heck did we go from great email convos to this? Does that make sense? Ehh..well it does to continue on and read about my date last night :)

My dear cousin Betsy has talked about this Kurt guy she works with for a few months now. Claiming he is a hilarious guy and what not. I always just listened in on her stories and thought they were funny. I'm sure I asked at one point if he is single because if anyone ever mentions anything about a 20 something dude, I pipe in and ask his status. About a month ago she had mentioned something about him again and all of a sudden was said "I should set you up w/ Kurt, he is a funny guy" Well, me being me, I said sure, why the heck not, I really have nothing to loose here now do I? She inquired with him about being set up and showed him a picture of me and then vice verse showed me a pic of him and gave me the description of him being "hilarious and liking to laugh" That is probably one of my main qualities I look for in guys and by looking at his picture I did find him attractive. I told her to give him my email address and he could just email me. Soooooo almost 2 1/2 weeks later he FINALLY emailed me. (not sure if Betsy had just been to busy to give him my email addy or he just wanted to make me wait for it) Right away I liked his sense of humor in email. We emailed twice and at that point he said he would want to meet me due to the fact you can't get to know anyone really over email (sweet he has my mind set about that stuff too) I gave him my number and told him to call me sometime, also since it was my birthday week last week I told him I would be busy up until this week. He called me Sunday night where we talked for a good 30min. We agreed to go out this Thursday night. And I of course was thinking this was going to be a standard "meet for drinks and then go on our way" kind of date, I was surprised when he said he would pick me up *OMG I was in shock!*(I honestly don't think I have been picked up for a first date since I was 18) and then take me out to dinner (whoa..dinner! this is an actual DATE!)

He picked me up right on time last night. Upon review, he was very cute! I was pleasantly surprised. We headed downtown to Peppino's, which is right off the square. It's kind of a nicer Italian restaurant. I really appreciated the fact that he was actually taking the time to put thought into this date. He opened my car door, dropped me off at the restaurant so he could park the car so I didn't have to walk in the rain (yeah my jaw was pretty much dropped on the floor by him being this nice) The restaurant was a nice cozy little place, nothing to romantic that wanted to make me vomit though. I think at first we had the first date jitters of blah conversation (the kind I so dislike) but that quickly changed into good funny conversation (I think this happened right after I took a way to big chunk of salad and had the obvious, "Oh crap I shouldn't have taken that big of a bite, and now I have way to much food in my mouth" We totally relaxed and laughed the whole rest of the time. At one point I almost choked on my water for something funny he was talking about. We probably sat there for a good 2 1/2 hours talking and eating. Good times! He had thought he could walk around down town for a bit after dinner but w/ the down pouring of rain, that didn't seem like that great of an idea. We then just drove back to my house and I invited him in real quick to show him my place (alright everyone get your mind out of the gutter, nothing happened) I had mentioned that I was going to a concert Friday night of Buckcherry and Avenged Sevenfold (who happens to be my newest band obsession right now..I might go after M.Shadows the lead singer tonight) he said his friend had invited him to that show and he wasn't sure if he wanted to go or not. I said well I'll be there so if you decide to go, give me a call and we can meet up. So we said bye and I went to bed.

Date rating: 8.75/10

He has a ton of potential and is what I'm looking for in a guy. I just want to get past the first date crap, but I guess the only way I can get past that is if I go on a 2nd date huh? :)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Holy schnikies! I have 5 people following my blog. :)

WOW-who would have thought I'd be this popular with my blog that 5 of my friends would want to be followers. This must be what it feels like to be God. Or at least something like that.

Well, to keep my fans following, I have a date to write about.

Upon emailing with Dave the Pilot for almost two weeks since I started Match, I was starting to get a little antsy with the dude. Yeah, it's fine to be emailing and getting to know each other, but at some point ya either gotta meet up or just not meet. I simply emailed him and said, "hey, here is my phone number, we should meet up sometime for a drink" After my date on Tuesday w/ the other Dave, I received a call from Dave the Pilot (who happens to be a pilot) we talked for about 30min which was pretty good conversation. Finally towards the end of the conversation he asked if I wanted to meet up for a drink. We decided to meet up and watch the Packer game on Sunday (hmm either I really love my Packers this much or I just can't think of any other creative date ideas) I couldn't remember the time of the game so I told him I would be in touch w/ him about watching the game. Saturday afternoon after I watched my Badgers lose (bad Wisconsin sports weekend) I called up the Pilot where we decided to go the the Sports Pub and watch the Packer game. Yes, basically it's the same date as it was w/ that Scott guy. Nice Andrea. :)

At 12 we both arrived pretty much at the same time, he was at the front door waiting. Upon review, he was alright looking. He looked like his picture, which was a good thing, probably a little bit taller then me, again since he put himself as "average" I always feel like I'm towering over these guys for some reason. We took a seat the bar, where we were nicely crammed in. That kind of annoyed me cuz I like sitting at a table where I can have enough room, cuz apparently I like to sprawl myself out? I ordered my usual Spotted Cow and he got a Blood Lite, which was Bud Lite. The game started and we had a good flow of conversation. Again, I was kicking myself for picking the Packer game to watch because I get that into it, I tend to trail off of what I'm saying, or I half listen to the guy because I'm more focused on watching Donald Driver (mmhmm me likey Donald Driver, oh crap there I go again loosing my train of thought)

Highlights of the date:
1. Right away I spilled a nice amount of beer down the front of my shirt, which he pretty much ignored my messiness.
2. He was funny and had good stories to tell and I was actually laughing and not giving him the fake laugh.
3. We ended up drinking 4 glasses of beer and ordered chicken nachos.
4. I didn't get bored on the date
5. He asked why I choose to go to school for nursing. And if any of you know me, I am not in school to go to nursing. *But* I'm not angry because being on Match and talking to a gazillion guys, it is hard to keep facts straight.
6. Me and his dad have the same birthday. Yes, it's not the most exciting highlight, but it's my birthday week.

The game ended up going into overtime, where my Packers indeed lost. That was kind of a crappy thing though. We left the bar and in the parking lot he asked what I thought of him, which I give him props for being bold enough to ask instead of being a wimp. I said I had fun and I would like to hang out w/ him again. Since it's my birthday week, I said I would be pretty busy but maybe next week. Him being a pilot he does have a weird work schedule.

I give him a rating of 7.5/10. I think if we get past the first date boring questions there could be something there. While I'm not wildly attracted to him, he could grow on me.

And here are the updates on the other dates and men in my life:
1. Scott, the first guy I went out w/, did in fact email me two days later and I replied back to him, where I then never heard back from him after that. Buuuuut, Saturday night when I was out w/ my friend Louise at the Great Dane, chillin at the bar, who walks in? Scott. Where then he pretty much hid behind a poll because he saw me and I think he might have been afraid of me. Nice buddy.
2. P Hally-I had not heard from him until Saturday where he emailed me and said he did end up loosing my number since he wrote it on a piece of paper. He is someone who has peeked my interest yet again.
3. Dave did email me after our first date, in which he wanted to hang out again, I put the kibosh on that and told him no.
4. The Marine has started texting me again. Sigh.

Oh and for Halloween, I was a "the walk of shame" which in theory was an awesome costume, though I just looked like I was dressed up at the bar w/ messy hair and makeup.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Giant appetizer and beer.

One of my other things I have been doing lately is being set up w/ guys through my friends. Back in the old days before Internet dating, I think this was the way to do things besides meeting guys in bars. I believe my parents met at a party and I'm sure alcohol had something to do with it. Maybe that is why I'm always resorting to alcohol as a means to meeting men. Or I just enjoy the taste of it too.

My friend Janna from work and her friend Jane who I have met once a few weekends ago suggested her brother Dave for me. I think when someone sets you up, and you are pretty darn single like me, you can't really say no, and I want to meet new people so I have no problem w/ someone saying "hey I have Joe Schmo for ya" What do I really have to loose? Exactly.

I emailed with Dave for about a week where in the last email he gave me his number. One of my rules is, I don't call guys. Guys call me. Yes, it might be a dumb rule, but it's my rule. Deal with it. So when he gave me his number I emailed him back my number and said we should meet up for a drink. From that first date I had w/ that Scott guy, I have felt that you need to usually meet within a week to two weeks from contact because your email and talking connection could be totally off.

Monday night Dave called me while I was in boring Expo Management class. I called him after to arrange a time to get together. We realized we work right by each other, so we agreed to meet at 4:11pm at Quaker Steak & Lube. At 4:11pm I arrived right on time (what can I say, I'm good at that weird time stuff) Dave was already there at bar. I had seen one picture of him so I had a general idea of what he looked like. Janna and Melissa had the pleasure of picking their own montage of pictures of me (one of them was of me holding a big plate of sushi...really girls? :) )

Dave and I ordered a giant Miller Lite beer and a giant appetizer thing. You know me, my love for food and beer, I was in heaven. While the conversation was good and very light hearted, I couldn't help but feel like I was talking to one of my cousins or brother. Dave was a little more country boy than I'm used to, so when I say I felt like I was talking to my cousins or brother who are country boys, it's not a bad thing, but it's not really what I'm looking for and there wasn't much of a connection. I hate to say it "he's a nice guy but...."

He's a nice guy but.......

Oops! Janna pointed out I didn't do my ranking of dates. My bad!

6/10. Not bad, not good. Just not what I'm looking for. The search continues!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Brink Lounge

While emailing back and fourth with boy #2 from, who we shall call P. Hally. He invited me to the Brink Lounge where he bartends on the weekends. While this doesn't count for a date, I do feel the need to let everyone know how this encounter went.

I had to drag my friend Louise (and yes I did have to drag her out, due to the fact we both ran a hellish 1/2 marathon we were sore that we couldn't walk) My plan was to arrive at 7pm and stay for around 2 hours to check him out and what not. At 7 we arrived and took a seat at the bar. Bartender had said he was the only male bartender on staff. Upon review we noticed there were no male bartenders at all. Just female bartenders. Ummm ok? We ordered a drink and sat there chit chatting wondering where the hell he was. I was tempted to ask the female bartender if there was a P. Hally working just to make sure we were in the right place. Finally at around 8pm a male bartender arrived and sure enough it was P.Hally. Right away he gave me a double take. We both had the "ok, I think that is the person I have been talking to, but I just need to look again and make sure" I then sat there not sure what I should say. I totally drew a mind blank. So, Louise, being the great friend she is, said she would go to the bathroom, so I could flag him down. Well at that point he decided to hide behind the bar area so I couldn't get his attention. Finally he came back around and I waved a bit and said "What you aren't even going to say hi to me?" He then proceeded to laugh and say he figured it was me sitting there but he didn't want to be an idiot and say something if it wasn't me. We all then started talking to each other, he was very friendly to me and Louise.

All 3 of us talked for a good hour, and at the point Louise had to leave for her Halloween party. It was almost 9:30 by then, I wasn't sure if I stayed there, he would view me as a dork just hanging out w/ him. So I asked him if it was cool if I hung out for a bit more w/ him. He was totally cool with it and said he liked talking to me (yeah!!!!) Our conversation was very good, he talked a ton about himself, yet asked me a ton of questions. He is a very open and honest guy about online dating. Which was actually kind of nice to hear someone be that open about it. And being on there is no reason to not be open and admit the fact you are seeing someone from the site later that week either. I'm sure most people wouldn't enjoy the fact he was saying that, but it put alot of things in perspective for me about being that open.

At about 11 I was getting tired (stupid 1/2 marathon) and decided things were going pretty good at that point, that I felt confident enough leaving and I didn't want to be to annoying while I sat at the bar. We mingled for another 15min saying goodbye, where he finally got my number because I wouldn't give it to him right away (gotta make them work for it!)

While this wasn't a "date" I thought it was a great way to meet up w/ him. I left feeling pretty confident that I will get a phone call from him.

I give the meet up a 8.5/10. :)

oh AND he gave me a few free drinks while I sat there-Coffee flavored vodka mixed w/ cream (OMG) so good! Key lime martini and wedding cake martini. Bonus points for this guy!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A day in the life of Andrea's dating...

So upon texting back and fourth w/ boy #1, Scott on Saturday afternoon, we confirmed we would meet up at the Sports Pub at 3 to watch the Packer Game.

At 2:53pm he text me saying he was there and he was at a table right in the front, which was a sigh of relief because I never know where to meet anyone when it’s a date like this. I got there right at 3:00 and found him. Upon review I was pleasantly surprised; he did look like his pictures, cute. I was a tad bit nervous, just because that’s the way I am. The game started and he and I started talking. While it was hard to have a conversation due to the fact we were watching the football game, I could feel myself talking but then quickly looking away to see what the play on the TV was. While the conversation was good, we got along good, he was nice and funny.

Towards the end of the date though I could kind of feel myself maybe getting a little bored. I was supposed to meet my friend at 7 to work on homework, so I kept looking at my phone to know the time. He said he understood that if I had to go I could leave. But I said since my friend wasn’t texting me back yet, there wasn’t any reason for me to leave. The Packers won and then we started watching the Jets game because they were in OT. At the end of the jets game, he seemed to quickly get up and want to go. Now keep in mind, when I got there he was sitting, and in his profile he said he was 5’8. When walking out to the car, he was maybe only 5’6. Again no big deal. We stood there and said good bye and he said he would be in touch.

I left not really feeling goose bumps. I felt more of a friend connection more than anything. While he didn’t do anything wrong and it wasn’t a bad date by any means. I didn’t feel a spark. I almost feel like we had a better spark over email than in person. Which is weird. In conclusion, I would give him a 2nd chance and go out w/ him again to maybe see if something is there and it was first date jitters. But alas, I find him and I might just be better friends.

Date rating 6 out of 10.