Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Giant appetizer and beer.

One of my other things I have been doing lately is being set up w/ guys through my friends. Back in the old days before Internet dating, I think this was the way to do things besides meeting guys in bars. I believe my parents met at a party and I'm sure alcohol had something to do with it. Maybe that is why I'm always resorting to alcohol as a means to meeting men. Or I just enjoy the taste of it too.

My friend Janna from work and her friend Jane who I have met once a few weekends ago suggested her brother Dave for me. I think when someone sets you up, and you are pretty darn single like me, you can't really say no, and I want to meet new people so I have no problem w/ someone saying "hey I have Joe Schmo for ya" What do I really have to loose? Exactly.

I emailed with Dave for about a week where in the last email he gave me his number. One of my rules is, I don't call guys. Guys call me. Yes, it might be a dumb rule, but it's my rule. Deal with it. So when he gave me his number I emailed him back my number and said we should meet up for a drink. From that first date I had w/ that Scott guy, I have felt that you need to usually meet within a week to two weeks from contact because your email and talking connection could be totally off.

Monday night Dave called me while I was in boring Expo Management class. I called him after to arrange a time to get together. We realized we work right by each other, so we agreed to meet at 4:11pm at Quaker Steak & Lube. At 4:11pm I arrived right on time (what can I say, I'm good at that weird time stuff) Dave was already there at bar. I had seen one picture of him so I had a general idea of what he looked like. Janna and Melissa had the pleasure of picking their own montage of pictures of me (one of them was of me holding a big plate of sushi...really girls? :) )

Dave and I ordered a giant Miller Lite beer and a giant appetizer thing. You know me, my love for food and beer, I was in heaven. While the conversation was good and very light hearted, I couldn't help but feel like I was talking to one of my cousins or brother. Dave was a little more country boy than I'm used to, so when I say I felt like I was talking to my cousins or brother who are country boys, it's not a bad thing, but it's not really what I'm looking for and there wasn't much of a connection. I hate to say it "he's a nice guy but...."

He's a nice guy but.......

Oops! Janna pointed out I didn't do my ranking of dates. My bad!

6/10. Not bad, not good. Just not what I'm looking for. The search continues!


Janna said...

This date didn't even qualify for a ranking??? :)

Did I shaved my legs for this? said...

oops! there i posted my ranking!

Cindi said...

Too bad this one wasn't prince charming. Maybe the next one will be!