Friday, August 28, 2009


You spin my head right round, right round when you go down, when you go down down. Just a little rapping for ya on a Friday afternoon for you all. What can't a white girl rap? No.

But on the topic of Florida. Guess who got invited to go down to the great state to visit Ray again? This girl right here. And best of all, it would be during January which is one of the bestest times to leave the cold Wisconsin weather to go.

I was actually pretty shocked when Ray invited me last night. Seeing as we had our drama-rama back in May, I just assumed we would just keep talking on the phone like always. But in talking to him last night he kept saying "Well the next time you visit we should do this..." Wait, hold up...Are you inviting me to Florida? He's like "yeah, why wouldn't I?" Ummm because I assumed you never wanted to see me again. We saw each other last January and what not and I just figured we were done visiting like that. He's like "well if you want we can be done visiting, but I want to see you again"

Let's go through the pluses and negatives of this:
1. Cheap trip to Florida cuz he will pay for part. PLUS
2. 1,500 mile booty call. PLUS
3. Florida in January. PLUS
4. Can I say again FLORIDA IN JANUARY!!!!!!!!!! PLUS!

Any negatives out there? Nopers. I didn't think so.

We talked about if I would maybe get a boyfriend in between now and January. Umm Ray, have you seen my track record lately? Exactly.

This makes me giddy.

Oh and I forgot to fill you in on the dude I talked to Sunday night. Yeah, that was a no-go. Honestly, after I got done talking to him I didn't feel excited or remotely wanting to talk to him again. I didn't feel a spark. I need something like that to make me want to talk to him again and it just wasn't there. I text him Monday morning saying "Hey, you are a nice guy and all, but I'm not interested, take care"

I have gone out on dates before and felt "forced" to because "he's a nice guy" even if there isn't a spark. We waste his and my time. Which is very precious, don't ya know.

Other things that pissed me off this week. Monday night I started school again, Katie one of my friends is in all my classes because we wanted to act like we were in high school again and take all the same classes together. We were talking and she said she had seen M downtown a few weeks ago and he asked about me. I haven't talked to M since I left for NYC. Then Tuesday night while I was waiting for Katie to show up to school she came in and said she had seen M again on the way into the building just now. And again he asked about me. I'm thinking well I haven't text him in awhile, I'll just say hi. This is how the convo went:

Andrea: Awww how come Katie gets to see you and I don't?
M: How come ha...
Andrea: Hmmm
M: How you been, how was the city?
Andrea: I'm ok, city was awesome. How are you?
M:I've been ok. Little stressed with school. seems like its gonna be a weird semester already.
Andrea: Aww bummer dude
M:Bummer dude LOL I'll be fine

At this point, I'm going to say "well it was good talking to you, see ya"

But the jerk face beat me to it! Right after he sends me the last text he quickly texts me-
M: Stay with the psych teacher. I'll see you around. take care

Yeah I know you can't read the tone in text, but I view it as "let me stop texting Andrea as fast as possible by saying goodbye and ending this conversation" Grr, that made me mad. I already have a complex about annoying guys, so again this solidifies that I do in fact annoy guys and they want to abruptly end conversations. It just bugged me alot.


Weekend plans as follows yo:
Tonight-BEER TENT. I haven't been to one yet this season.
Saturday- Gym and outlet mall shopping
Sunday-Hoooooomework. BOOO. Oh and about this homework business. There are NO cute guys in my class. At all.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


We just got off the phone w/ each other.

Not rock star conversation, but I'm not hating him.

We may or may not get together later this week.

Oh and we talked for 18min.


Do you know what is even more terrifying to me..

Other than mice and rats? Cold calling a dude I'm supposed to be set up with. Eeeeeeeeek!

My friend Nesha said she had a guy for me. His name is Tim. That's pretty much all she gave me besides the "he's nice, funny, standard description of a dude" I of course Facebook stalked him (not my fault he doesn't keep his profile locked) He's kind of cute. My friend Becki checked out his profile and she claimed she would go out w/ him if she didn't have a boyfriend. I told Nesha to give him my number and call me.

He called me tonight. I totally forgot that I had done that, so when I saw an unknown number calling me I silenced it. Then I remembered it was probably him. Oops. He left me a voicemail. His voice at least seems normal, which is a good sign. Yes, I do go by guys voices, I think it says something.

So, now I'm just getting my nerves to call him back. I don't understand how I can have more than enough courage to have a whole baseball team sign my chest, but when it comes to calling a dude, I feel like chicken shit.

Or maybe it's the fact that every guy I have gone out w/ lately is a douche? Who knows.

But I'm going to start dialing right now!

Wait hold on I have to spell check this first....

OK. Now I will...wait wait...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I'd like to set aside a little portion of this entry to ask for thoughts/prayers/anything to give to my friend Fred. He was hurt in a horrible accident this last weekend. He is an avid reader of my blog and is probably one of the funniest guys I know. I don't want to ever take anything for granted anymore.

Just wanted to give the quick update on my life in a nutshell:

-I deleted CBB from being my Facebook friend. It felt kind of nice, doubt he will even notice, but still, get rid of the old and in w/ the new. Well there really isn't anyone new though.

-Saw The Marine at the gym Monday night. He looked good. Really really really good. Like so good I wanted to dry hump his leg. Wha? Just being honest. He didn't see me though, which is probably good, seeing as my bright red sweaty face is not attractive.

-Tonight is happy hour w/ coworkers. I love happy hour. Love love love it.

-Saturday is girls night. Wait it's always girls night in my neck of the woods. Not sure what the goal shall be for the evening though.

-For a smidge of a second I contemplated joining eHarmony. Not sure why. I suck at online dating.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

How do you end a relationship with someone.....

When they don't return your phone call?

I called CBB last Friday afternoon to see how he was doing since he was in surgery. No response. Alright fine, you could be under the knife right now. Monday night I'm on Facebook and I see he is online too so I decide to be the adult here and call him. I had started to think more last week that I don't want to be with him, too much distance, me liking him but not liking him enough to make it work.

Ring, ring, ring, ring, voicemail. Leave message. Remember this is Monday night. It's Wednesday. Nothing, no call back.

Come on dude, I want to end it with you! You can't pull this avoiding me crap! Rawr.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

My horizontal life-a collection of one night stands

This probably could be the title of my blog had Chelsea Handler not taken the name first. I know I have plugged her other book before too, but I just finished her other one. Awesome book! Yeah I know other people are so into that whole Twilight series, not this girl right here, I prefer to read stories that mimic my life. Go fourth and read!

Alright enough pushing books on you. On to my somewhat interesting week-weekend..

Tuesday: While contiplating sticking one of my pens in my eye while I'm at work (bad work week) I got a text from CBB. We had talked Monday night briefly and he told me how he was doing and what not. He text me asking if I wanted to pick cucumbers in his dad's garden. I'm sure many of you are saying "umm really? That sounds kind of lame-o" but honestly, being able to do something simple like that is fine with me. I hadn't seen him in a few weeks so it would be nice to just chill. And with his injury there isn't much he can do aside from sit and watch tv.

Of course on my way to his dad's house I took two wrong turns, which I quickly corrected, but if anyone knows anything about me, it was a sure sign I needed to invest in a GPS unit ASAP! When I got to his place we sat around and talked for a bit and then he mentioned that he checked the cucumber status in the garden and there aren't any in there. Umm okie dokie so onto plan B we decided to watch a movie.

Now, he picked the movie, which was a bad version of that Brad Pitt movie Fight Club. I liked Fight Club a lot. While the movie he had wasn't bad, it was just a strange strange movie for us to watch. It was filled with tons of sex scenes (not a porno though)...well what happens when you are watching a movie w/ a guy you are dating and watching?!!?!? YEAH. Except he can't fool around right now due to his injury. *sigh* Then he decided to take one of his pain pills which then of course turned him into a drunk. Great. A drunk guy. Even more fun is that I wasn't on any sort of pill. While this pill makes him act drunk it also makes him sleepy. So, by 9:30 I was walking out the door, because I had enough fun by then. We stood out in his driveway for awhile kissing. Because that's all he can do. Of course while we were kissing he mentioned that he was leaving in 16 days too. We said goodbye and that was it.

I don't know what to really think. Do I really want a relationship that I have to drive 4 hours to see him on the weekends and vice versa? He is a great guy too, that's the crappy part! Yeah I know talking to him about this would probably help, but I didn't know how to bring it up and I didn't want to talk to him about it while he was loopy on pills. Part of me would like it to maybe work, but then part of me thinks to just let him go and find someone in a 35 mile radius.

The rest of my week was pretty unremarkable until Friday night when I went to the Madison Mallard game which is a minor league team. They have this thing called the Duck Blind. All you can eat and drink for $30.00. I'm in heaven. Of course I'm the type of girl to get my monies worth too damn it! And of course I'm the type of girl to think that after the game it's a good idea to have 1/2 the baseball team sign your chest. No and I'm not talking about my t-shirt one saw any boobs though, it was strictly above that area, but who wouldn't want 19-20 year old signing them? You know those guys felt like rock-stars. It was a damn good night!

After my drunkenness of having guys sign my chest, we went to another hick town bar and hung out there. One older guy in a wind breaker made the comment that he liked looking at my chest while I was picking songs out on the juke box. Right dude, you are wearing a wind breaker....

My other odd thing that happened this weekend was that on Sunday morning I was sleeping cuz that's what I do so well, I got a text..........from Med Student. WTF? I haven't heard from him since our Saturday afternoon delight.

Med Student: Sleepover?

Ummm yeah, it's 9am and you are asking me to sleep over? Huh? So, I just ignored it. Well at 2pm he then texts me again and says this:

Med Student: Maybe next time then?

Again, huh? I dunno, part of me was a little curious but then part of me wants to make him chase me and work for it a little more. So I didn't respond....

Monday, August 3, 2009

City livin'

You can take the girl out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the girl. Is that how the saying goes? Well it's something like that.


I traveled to the big city of NYC last week. While it's standard for me to have a vacation hook up, I have come to write to tell you, I had no chances whatsoever to hook up w/ a cute boy on this trip. Reason #1, I was surrounded by gay guys. Yeah, my options were limited.

Aimee told me I had to give her a shout out in this blog. So, here is your shout out Aimee. THANKS FOR TAKING ME TO THE AIRPORT!!!!!!!!!

During the trip I rarely thought about boys, which was actually kind of nice! I didn't talk to Ray or CBB at all during the trip, minus the Saturday texts they sent me. It was nice not having to think/worry about anything really.

Of course when we got back I went right back to thinking about cute boys mode and totally wanted the waiter at The Cheesecake Factory. Somethings will never change.

As for CBB, you all saw the last text update, well I called him before I left for NYC. On Saturday he sent me a text saying "Hey call me when you are free, I'm going in for surgery" I called him last night after I got home and he was clearly doped up on drugs. He knew it was me and asked when I got done w/ work on Monday, so he said if he doesn't call me back by 4:30 tomorrow that I should call him. I couldn't help but laugh since he was so delirious.

Anyways, since CBB hasn't pulled this kind of crap on me before, I'm going to choose to believe that he did loose his phone for a week and well that he tore one of his muscles.