Friday, August 28, 2009


You spin my head right round, right round when you go down, when you go down down. Just a little rapping for ya on a Friday afternoon for you all. What can't a white girl rap? No.

But on the topic of Florida. Guess who got invited to go down to the great state to visit Ray again? This girl right here. And best of all, it would be during January which is one of the bestest times to leave the cold Wisconsin weather to go.

I was actually pretty shocked when Ray invited me last night. Seeing as we had our drama-rama back in May, I just assumed we would just keep talking on the phone like always. But in talking to him last night he kept saying "Well the next time you visit we should do this..." Wait, hold up...Are you inviting me to Florida? He's like "yeah, why wouldn't I?" Ummm because I assumed you never wanted to see me again. We saw each other last January and what not and I just figured we were done visiting like that. He's like "well if you want we can be done visiting, but I want to see you again"

Let's go through the pluses and negatives of this:
1. Cheap trip to Florida cuz he will pay for part. PLUS
2. 1,500 mile booty call. PLUS
3. Florida in January. PLUS
4. Can I say again FLORIDA IN JANUARY!!!!!!!!!! PLUS!

Any negatives out there? Nopers. I didn't think so.

We talked about if I would maybe get a boyfriend in between now and January. Umm Ray, have you seen my track record lately? Exactly.

This makes me giddy.

Oh and I forgot to fill you in on the dude I talked to Sunday night. Yeah, that was a no-go. Honestly, after I got done talking to him I didn't feel excited or remotely wanting to talk to him again. I didn't feel a spark. I need something like that to make me want to talk to him again and it just wasn't there. I text him Monday morning saying "Hey, you are a nice guy and all, but I'm not interested, take care"

I have gone out on dates before and felt "forced" to because "he's a nice guy" even if there isn't a spark. We waste his and my time. Which is very precious, don't ya know.

Other things that pissed me off this week. Monday night I started school again, Katie one of my friends is in all my classes because we wanted to act like we were in high school again and take all the same classes together. We were talking and she said she had seen M downtown a few weeks ago and he asked about me. I haven't talked to M since I left for NYC. Then Tuesday night while I was waiting for Katie to show up to school she came in and said she had seen M again on the way into the building just now. And again he asked about me. I'm thinking well I haven't text him in awhile, I'll just say hi. This is how the convo went:

Andrea: Awww how come Katie gets to see you and I don't?
M: How come ha...
Andrea: Hmmm
M: How you been, how was the city?
Andrea: I'm ok, city was awesome. How are you?
M:I've been ok. Little stressed with school. seems like its gonna be a weird semester already.
Andrea: Aww bummer dude
M:Bummer dude LOL I'll be fine

At this point, I'm going to say "well it was good talking to you, see ya"

But the jerk face beat me to it! Right after he sends me the last text he quickly texts me-
M: Stay with the psych teacher. I'll see you around. take care

Yeah I know you can't read the tone in text, but I view it as "let me stop texting Andrea as fast as possible by saying goodbye and ending this conversation" Grr, that made me mad. I already have a complex about annoying guys, so again this solidifies that I do in fact annoy guys and they want to abruptly end conversations. It just bugged me alot.


Weekend plans as follows yo:
Tonight-BEER TENT. I haven't been to one yet this season.
Saturday- Gym and outlet mall shopping
Sunday-Hoooooomework. BOOO. Oh and about this homework business. There are NO cute guys in my class. At all.

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f1trey said...

Better rethinkthe nope on the downsides to florida....hey I like sunshine too but......