Sunday, August 23, 2009

Do you know what is even more terrifying to me..

Other than mice and rats? Cold calling a dude I'm supposed to be set up with. Eeeeeeeeek!

My friend Nesha said she had a guy for me. His name is Tim. That's pretty much all she gave me besides the "he's nice, funny, standard description of a dude" I of course Facebook stalked him (not my fault he doesn't keep his profile locked) He's kind of cute. My friend Becki checked out his profile and she claimed she would go out w/ him if she didn't have a boyfriend. I told Nesha to give him my number and call me.

He called me tonight. I totally forgot that I had done that, so when I saw an unknown number calling me I silenced it. Then I remembered it was probably him. Oops. He left me a voicemail. His voice at least seems normal, which is a good sign. Yes, I do go by guys voices, I think it says something.

So, now I'm just getting my nerves to call him back. I don't understand how I can have more than enough courage to have a whole baseball team sign my chest, but when it comes to calling a dude, I feel like chicken shit.

Or maybe it's the fact that every guy I have gone out w/ lately is a douche? Who knows.

But I'm going to start dialing right now!

Wait hold on I have to spell check this first....

OK. Now I will...wait wait...

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