Wednesday, February 25, 2009

So, what does a Catholic girl like me do on Fat Tuesday>?

Go to Tutto Pasta for dinner. Italy is close enough to New Orleans...right? Ehh ok probably not. But, when we arrived we realized it was 1/2 price bottle wine night. Oh this sounds like an awesome deal on a Tuesday. I went to dinner w/ my friend Tina, who I met when she was 17 and I was 20. We worked at the Country Inn & Suites together and have been friends since. It's crazy to think that we are 26 and 23 now too. Wow, we got old. Tina is one of my friends that is actually still single right now, so of course we have a ton to talk about.

After splitting two bottles of wine (yes that's 1 bottle per person) we left. While I'm not condoning my behavior in anyway, it's kind of funny to look back and see what I do after a bottle of wine.

I always find it is a good idea to call Ray after I have been drinking. I feel like he will want to talk to me when I'm buzzed. I called him and started chatting non stop and he quickly realized I was buzzed. I then started to yell at him. Sigh. I don't know why. I then of course hung up pissed off and decided to text Mike #2 to let him know guys suck. This then proceeds to texting back and fourth of my anger towards men (I mentioned something about the Shady Matt guy) Luckily, Mike #2's phone was dieing so he couldn't text me anymore! I then decided I should pack my lunch and breakfast for the next day. I also had to pack my gym bag for the next day because I promised M&M I would go to the gym in the morning. I did an OK job at all of the above except for a few minor details..
1. I made the coffee WAY to strong..
2. I put two tank tops in my bag for different options. Thank god, one tank top would not have gone with my outfit at all today.
3. Instead of putting clean socks in, I put some random dirty ones that didn't match. Luckily I can forgo socks today.

Not to bad! I was 5 minutes late for the working out, but I actually got up and made it to the gym and ran 3 miles. It was a decent run, cept for the first 15min I wanted to die. I think my body was saying "why the fk would you drink a bottle of wine"

Happy Hump Day!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Stupid Boy drama.....

"Life is a balance of holding on and letting go" I totally stole this quote from Keith Urban. As a ginormous Keith Urban fan, I will relate a ton of things back to him. Even my nickname for my horrible ex, Stupid Boy. The lyrics to Stupid Boy, fit perfectly to what he is and what he was to me. And as for the quote, I try really hard in life to live by it. To hold onto somethings and let some things go. So this brings me to why I'm in a pickle right now.

Stupid boy and I have been broken up for about 2 years. Ok, that's 2 years. March of 2007, he ended it w/ me claiming reasons why he didn't want to be w/ me. In the fall of 2006 he had broken up w/ me 23 times probably. Ok, I get the hint, he isn't into me. After we broke up in the spring, I looked back on our relationship and realized he was and asshole. A tried and true ASSHOLE. You would think w/ him being the one to break up w/ me, he would leave me alone. Nope. Not the case at all. From then on, he proceeded to drunk dial me every weekend. Email me. You name it, he bothered me. He wasn't nice when he bothered me either, he called me names like "you stupid bitch" (wait he was the one who dumped me right? RIGHT!) and so fourth. A year ago I will sadly admit I thought to give him another chance. Though w/ family and friends I realized that it was a huge mistake. He had thought it would be a good idea to email me. I let him have it, I ripped into him and told him to never talk to me again, blah blah, he was scum, and so on. Of course he wrote right back (dude did you not just see what I wrote to you?) while over the last year, contact from him as been minimal, there has still been contact. His cousin called me and wanted to know if I wanted to come out for his birthday. Really Beth? You think I would want to come out for his birthday. Ummmm hell to the NO! Then in the Fall, I so luckily ran into him at a Badger football game (he was on the side of the road making out w/ some chick too!). Where he was drunk and then walked by me at least 10 times glaring at me. And of course that made him think it would be a really good idea to call me and talk to me. He called me about 5 times that night wanted to talk. I didn't pick up my phone. Then on a random October night, I get a text from him saying "hi Boo (his old nickname for me) how are you?" And again, what the fk? Why are you contacting me?????? While, sure it's a bit flattering that someone loves me this much, it's a tad bit annoying. That was the last I had heard from him. You would think, my life would be simple now huh? Nope.

My dilemma right now is....during the time stupid boy and I had been together, he had introduced me to his friends. They were amazing people (don't know why they found such a douche bag like him) They were the cutest couple and just a few weeks ago they got married. While I haven't talked to his friends in a while (they moved to Texas and now are back) they were aware of what he had done/did to me. They agreed he was a moron. Last week, I invited them to Bockfest, this awesome beer festival. Then they invited me to their wedding reception that was going to be a casual event here. Of course on the guest list is stupid boy. When I got the invite, he hasn't RSVPED yet to it. I sat there staring at the guest list. I couldn't RSVP just yet. I consulted a ton of my friends and asked them what to do. Some said go, some said don't go. The main reason I don't go is because I don't want him to start to contact me again. Anytime he sees me, he feels the need to contact me. I don't want that. But then part of me sits there and thinks, why he is still controlling my life after 2 years? It's been 2 years, if I want to go to a mutual friends wedding reception, I shouldn't have to sit there and think about and worry about him being there. But that's the reality of it. I do have to worry. On Friday they had sent another evite thing reminding people they needed a head count. And there on the part that says who is coming. Stupid boy wrote "yes, I wouldn't miss it for the world. +1" Sooo he is coming and he is bringing someone. Great. I have no one. I could bring my friend Louise, she said she is more than willing to come with me. But then my girl brain took over and thought to invite The Marine. This fine guy I dated, but then soon turned into a booty call. While him and I aren't in contact all the time, we will text once in a great while to see what's up. Visions of me and the Marine walking into the reception together made me happy. The Marine is a fine guy. Damn good looking. But am I only going to spite Stupid Boy? I don't know. If he wasn't going to be there, I'd go and bring Louise since I won't know anyone there but the couple and Stupid Boy. But he is going to be there. I'm stuck. I did already put that I was going. But I think I should not go. I need to not see him. And ironically the wedding reception is on our 2 year anniversary of being broke up.

I dunno what to do.........Life is a balance of holding on and letting go. Sigh.

This and that recap...

As my Sunday night is coming closer and closer to my bed time, I'm annoyed at the fact that I took a nap a bit ago. Now my sleep schedule shall be jacked up and I'll have to take sleeping pills. Blah. I hate that when I do that.

I figured I'd do a bit of a night cap of my weekend, the good, the bad and the boring really.

Friday night highlights:
1. Driving in the car w/ m&m (my friend Melissa) where we talked about the amount of guys we had made out w/-slept with. My number was a lot higher. A LOT higher.
2. The cute gas station attendant at the Speedway by my house. He complimented my Vera Wang (Yes, I'm name dropping) purse. Then told me to have a great night and stay warm. Who knows if it was exceptional customer service or he was just being really nice to me, I'll choose he was just being really nice to me.
3. Random text from my friend Tool from work. It said "I only tease you because I like you, I didn't want this drama. I guess this is goodbye" Without going into to much detail about him, he is a decent enough guy who I can talk to about things in life. He flirts w/ me, I'll flirt maybe once a week. I'm not into him at all. Not one bit. He is always claiming he has a crush on me, blah blah, yet he won't date me because we work together. Lately though he has been getting on my nerves though. He can be nice and normal and then all of a sudden make fun of me in a weird way that leaves me irritated. Friday during the day, we had been talking about one of our coworkers and how they sounded like Ralphie from the Simpsons. Then all of a sudden Tool says "You sound like Marge Simpson" huh? What the fk? Why would you say that to me? Yes, it's not the world's worst comment, but all week he has been just saying mean random stuff to me. So, I had had it. I emailed him back "Knock it off, you aren't funny, don't talk to me anymore" I didn't bother texting him back at all. If i had, he would have either said "haha, I was joking, I don't like you" or some other bull crap thing. I left it at that. We'll see what he says Monday.

1. Polar Plunge-Lake Monona-23 degrees. One word: COLD
2. Napped. Napped a ton.

1. Ran 4 miles. Felt amazing. When I have these runs, it reminds me of why I like running.
2. Talked to my friend Carol, who was one of the unfortunate ones to be let go from our job. It made me miss her a ton. She is an awesome person and friend.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Why is it that I always run into the randoms I makeout with?

I mean really. Madison is a decent enough size city. I come from a smaller town, so I can expect do that when I go to the Piggly Wiggly, but if I go somewhere on the West side of Madison, I'm bound to recognize someone.

While the story tonight has no hilarious value whatsoever, it more has the funny of "huh, yeah I made out w/ him 8 months ago and now I'm going to pretend I don't know him" I went to the free Q106 concert tonight w/ my friend Melissa because she is a rock star and won us them. Sweet deal, free and check out a new and up in coming band. At the end of the concert we were waiting in line to get our pics taken w/ Lady Antebellum. I looked across the room and saw Tree Trunk. No clue how this Tim guy got the nickname Tree Trunk, but when I met him, my friend Marie said that was what everyone called him. Ummm. Right.

I had met Tree Trunk on a hot Friday night in the wonderful town of you guessed it...Cross Plains. At the end of June they have what's known as the Cross Plains Worlds fest or something along those lines. All I know is there is beer and a tent and I made my way out there. Tree Trunk and I locked eyes over a pitcher of beer. Romantic right? I started giving him crap for some reason (I had noticed he was a cute guy to look at and all) and he gave it right back to me. We didn't talk much longer because we decided enough w/ the beer tent, time to head to the bars. We went to Kurt's on Main (the place I once ran into my insurance agent and he was also the guy I used to babysit his kids, awkward because instead of being a normal person, just saying hi, I give him a hug. Who gives their insurance agent a hug?) When I had left the beer tent, I told Tree Trunk I was going to Kurt's and that he should come. He magically appeared at Kurt's on Main shortly after we arrived. I somehow got seated w/ some lame girl I used to go to high school w/ and was somewhat friends w/. Though trying to talk to her was like pulling teeth and I of course became very bored sitting there. Marie was getting bored too, so we decided to hit up Monks Retreat. Marie headed out one door and I spotted Tree Trunk at the other side of the bar. I quickly wanted to just say good bye to him. I went over and said good bye and he had this sad look that I was leaving. So I told him we were heading to Monks if he wanted to come. He said yeah. I honestly didn't think he would. We went out the other door to find Marie and completely lost her. I have no idea how we did it, but I couldn't find her. What do you do when you can't find your friend who you are supposed to be following to the next bar? Start making out w/ the guy next to the Black Earth Creek of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haha, Tree Trunk was a good kisser too. Though it was weird having people walking by us as we made out. He totally kept laying on the charm of "I don't think I have ever met someone as cool as you are/you have amazing eyes/you are great" Very nice things to say to me, but dude ya just met me and I have a feeling the Coors Lite is doing the talking. We procceeded to keep making out and heading towards Monks. We finally got down to Monks and of course Marie was there, haha oops! Tree Trunk said he hated Monks and wanted to leave. I had reached the point of I just wanted to go to bed, so Tree Trunk said he would take me back to my car. We get back to my car and he starts to say how great it was to meet me and he really wants me to come to his house to "hang out" right. I told him I'd come over but I would only make out, no more. He suddenly said he had to get up early the next day and it probably wasn't a good idea for me to come over. (really, cuz you just spent the last 20min convincing me to come over and now you have to get up early the next day) He then did the whole "I'll call you tomorrow and we will hang out" uhh huhh.

Shockingly, he never called! I did see him at Waunafest later in the summer, though he didn't see me. Then tonight I see him. I have no idea if he even remembers me. I did my "look at the wall" when I walked by him. Oh and of course I text Marie to let her know he was there.

Aww, this post reminds me of summer and beer tents!

Changing my blog just a wee bit!

While I do love blogging about my dates and all. I think I'm going to change it up a bit. I decided to quit after my membership went out, because I meet boring guys on The dates were painful 95% of the time. Why bother putting me through this? As for my friends setting me up, I seem to have the 4th date curse. Both times have now been ended after the 4th date. Kind of funny actually. Is it me? Is it them? WHO CARES???????? Cuz I sure as heck don't.

I will continue to blog about the various men in my life, but it will also be about my other activities as well. If I have a funny story or some sort of drama about Stupid Boy, I'll blog about it. If I have no new material, I won't be blogging. So check back here when ever you think I'm up to something. :)

Yes, I totally got this idea last night at dinner when me, Louise, Megan and Katie decided we were totally the girls from Sex and the City. Oh and I'm totally Carrie in this scenario, w/ a bit of everyone else. It's a Wisconsin style Sex and the City.


Whelp. Here we go again.

I hung out w/ Matt on Feb. 7th. Things were good. Not outstanding by any means. It was our 4th date and we hung out at this house and watched Apollo 13 w/ his roommates. Meh. He had made the comment of "if I don't talk to you for a few days, it's not because I'm not into you, it's because I'm busy and have things going on in my life" Sweet. Sounds like a good deal to me, I'm a busy girl w/ working full time and going to school and having that ever important social life of hanging out w/ my friends. I was fine w/ it. But soon, day by day, the more that Matt didn't bother contacting me, the more I went "meh, eh, I don't care" I started to realize that, while we had a decent time the first 3 dates, by the 4th date I had that "ugh, what am I doing on his couch watching Apollo 13 w/ his roommates?" and that when he didn't contact me ALL week. I wasn't worried. I have other things in my life to worry about, other than a dumb guy who isn't calling me.

During that time of Matt and I hanging out, he had mentioned he wanted to be my friend on Facebook (which meant I would need to hide my blog) So, Friday night, after a few too many Miller Lites and Ashton Fish Fry fish, I requested him as a friend (whoa! big step) On Saturday morning he accepted my friendship-and then the Facebook stalking begins!-He had decided to go to Colorado this week, so being a nice girl I am, I called him up later Saturday morning to say, Have a nice trip in Colorado. He didn't pick up. Meh, I'll leave a voicemail. Left a nice generic message of "have a good time in Colorado, if you want, call me back or not. No big deal if you don't"

He didn't call back. Really? No text back at least saying "thanks" Nothing. Did my worry set in? Nahh, I had the "meh" feeling. The "I don't care" feeling. It felt great.

Last night the girls from school decided to hit up Paisan's for some pizza for a mid week girls night out. Right away Katie (who had done the initial set up of Matt and I) asked me what was going on w/ Matt and me. I basically gave her the "meh, no clue/don't care" She then informed me that I shouldn't hang out w/ him because he is kind of an idiot/moron/dumb ass. Okie dokie! Fill me in on more please!

Apparently...........Matt had told Katie on Sunday. Feb. 15th that he didn't see it going anywhere. (yet he accepts my friend request on Facebook?) and is the best part. He said to Katie, since he wasn't taking me to the hockey game, if she wanted my ticket. Katie of course declined. The "funny" part is....apparently he FORGOT to mention any of this information to ME! Fine, if he isn't in to me, no big deal. But for one, CALL AND TELL ME YOU AREN'T INTO ME! And two, DON'T GO OFFERING MY TICKET TO MY FRIEND, WHEN HE KNEW HE HADN'T EVEN TOLD ME THAT I WAS UNINVITED TO THE HOCKEY GAME!!!!!!!!!

That my friend, is the definition of a shady guy.

Am I mad, sad or lonely? Nope. Not one bit. I'm happy.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Not your typical 3rd date..

So, I'll admit I was pretty much freaking out all last week because I hadn't heard from PBR (his nickname is going to change to Schlitz now) but he called me Friday night to reassure me that he was into me, he was just really sick. (hmm he could be a mind reader) *deep sigh of relief* He then invited me to his mom's house for Super Bowl Sunday because she was having a party.

I met up at his place on Sunday, and we went to his mom and step dad's house. I had good time. There were a few other people there, so it wasn't just me and his mom and step dad. They were very nice people to me, and so were their friends.

About 3/4 way through the game we decided to leave (dude, my Packers weren't playing so it was very hard for me to focus on the game) we just went back to his place and hung out and talked. I asked him if he always brought his 3rd dates to meet his mom, and he said no, there has only been one other girl to meet his parents. I felt pretty damn special! Then his mom called him a bit later and said they liked me and I was a very nice girl. :) Awww

Ohhh AND, he told me to mark my calendar for Feb. 21st because he bought tickets to the UW men's hockey game for us that night.

Ummm there is one way to my heart, buying tickets for a sporting event. See, I'm easy to please!

Things are looking good for me and Schlitz. I will stay positive.