Monday, February 2, 2009

Not your typical 3rd date..

So, I'll admit I was pretty much freaking out all last week because I hadn't heard from PBR (his nickname is going to change to Schlitz now) but he called me Friday night to reassure me that he was into me, he was just really sick. (hmm he could be a mind reader) *deep sigh of relief* He then invited me to his mom's house for Super Bowl Sunday because she was having a party.

I met up at his place on Sunday, and we went to his mom and step dad's house. I had good time. There were a few other people there, so it wasn't just me and his mom and step dad. They were very nice people to me, and so were their friends.

About 3/4 way through the game we decided to leave (dude, my Packers weren't playing so it was very hard for me to focus on the game) we just went back to his place and hung out and talked. I asked him if he always brought his 3rd dates to meet his mom, and he said no, there has only been one other girl to meet his parents. I felt pretty damn special! Then his mom called him a bit later and said they liked me and I was a very nice girl. :) Awww

Ohhh AND, he told me to mark my calendar for Feb. 21st because he bought tickets to the UW men's hockey game for us that night.

Ummm there is one way to my heart, buying tickets for a sporting event. See, I'm easy to please!

Things are looking good for me and Schlitz. I will stay positive.

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