Sunday, February 22, 2009

This and that recap...

As my Sunday night is coming closer and closer to my bed time, I'm annoyed at the fact that I took a nap a bit ago. Now my sleep schedule shall be jacked up and I'll have to take sleeping pills. Blah. I hate that when I do that.

I figured I'd do a bit of a night cap of my weekend, the good, the bad and the boring really.

Friday night highlights:
1. Driving in the car w/ m&m (my friend Melissa) where we talked about the amount of guys we had made out w/-slept with. My number was a lot higher. A LOT higher.
2. The cute gas station attendant at the Speedway by my house. He complimented my Vera Wang (Yes, I'm name dropping) purse. Then told me to have a great night and stay warm. Who knows if it was exceptional customer service or he was just being really nice to me, I'll choose he was just being really nice to me.
3. Random text from my friend Tool from work. It said "I only tease you because I like you, I didn't want this drama. I guess this is goodbye" Without going into to much detail about him, he is a decent enough guy who I can talk to about things in life. He flirts w/ me, I'll flirt maybe once a week. I'm not into him at all. Not one bit. He is always claiming he has a crush on me, blah blah, yet he won't date me because we work together. Lately though he has been getting on my nerves though. He can be nice and normal and then all of a sudden make fun of me in a weird way that leaves me irritated. Friday during the day, we had been talking about one of our coworkers and how they sounded like Ralphie from the Simpsons. Then all of a sudden Tool says "You sound like Marge Simpson" huh? What the fk? Why would you say that to me? Yes, it's not the world's worst comment, but all week he has been just saying mean random stuff to me. So, I had had it. I emailed him back "Knock it off, you aren't funny, don't talk to me anymore" I didn't bother texting him back at all. If i had, he would have either said "haha, I was joking, I don't like you" or some other bull crap thing. I left it at that. We'll see what he says Monday.

1. Polar Plunge-Lake Monona-23 degrees. One word: COLD
2. Napped. Napped a ton.

1. Ran 4 miles. Felt amazing. When I have these runs, it reminds me of why I like running.
2. Talked to my friend Carol, who was one of the unfortunate ones to be let go from our job. It made me miss her a ton. She is an awesome person and friend.

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