Thursday, February 19, 2009

Why is it that I always run into the randoms I makeout with?

I mean really. Madison is a decent enough size city. I come from a smaller town, so I can expect do that when I go to the Piggly Wiggly, but if I go somewhere on the West side of Madison, I'm bound to recognize someone.

While the story tonight has no hilarious value whatsoever, it more has the funny of "huh, yeah I made out w/ him 8 months ago and now I'm going to pretend I don't know him" I went to the free Q106 concert tonight w/ my friend Melissa because she is a rock star and won us them. Sweet deal, free and check out a new and up in coming band. At the end of the concert we were waiting in line to get our pics taken w/ Lady Antebellum. I looked across the room and saw Tree Trunk. No clue how this Tim guy got the nickname Tree Trunk, but when I met him, my friend Marie said that was what everyone called him. Ummm. Right.

I had met Tree Trunk on a hot Friday night in the wonderful town of you guessed it...Cross Plains. At the end of June they have what's known as the Cross Plains Worlds fest or something along those lines. All I know is there is beer and a tent and I made my way out there. Tree Trunk and I locked eyes over a pitcher of beer. Romantic right? I started giving him crap for some reason (I had noticed he was a cute guy to look at and all) and he gave it right back to me. We didn't talk much longer because we decided enough w/ the beer tent, time to head to the bars. We went to Kurt's on Main (the place I once ran into my insurance agent and he was also the guy I used to babysit his kids, awkward because instead of being a normal person, just saying hi, I give him a hug. Who gives their insurance agent a hug?) When I had left the beer tent, I told Tree Trunk I was going to Kurt's and that he should come. He magically appeared at Kurt's on Main shortly after we arrived. I somehow got seated w/ some lame girl I used to go to high school w/ and was somewhat friends w/. Though trying to talk to her was like pulling teeth and I of course became very bored sitting there. Marie was getting bored too, so we decided to hit up Monks Retreat. Marie headed out one door and I spotted Tree Trunk at the other side of the bar. I quickly wanted to just say good bye to him. I went over and said good bye and he had this sad look that I was leaving. So I told him we were heading to Monks if he wanted to come. He said yeah. I honestly didn't think he would. We went out the other door to find Marie and completely lost her. I have no idea how we did it, but I couldn't find her. What do you do when you can't find your friend who you are supposed to be following to the next bar? Start making out w/ the guy next to the Black Earth Creek of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haha, Tree Trunk was a good kisser too. Though it was weird having people walking by us as we made out. He totally kept laying on the charm of "I don't think I have ever met someone as cool as you are/you have amazing eyes/you are great" Very nice things to say to me, but dude ya just met me and I have a feeling the Coors Lite is doing the talking. We procceeded to keep making out and heading towards Monks. We finally got down to Monks and of course Marie was there, haha oops! Tree Trunk said he hated Monks and wanted to leave. I had reached the point of I just wanted to go to bed, so Tree Trunk said he would take me back to my car. We get back to my car and he starts to say how great it was to meet me and he really wants me to come to his house to "hang out" right. I told him I'd come over but I would only make out, no more. He suddenly said he had to get up early the next day and it probably wasn't a good idea for me to come over. (really, cuz you just spent the last 20min convincing me to come over and now you have to get up early the next day) He then did the whole "I'll call you tomorrow and we will hang out" uhh huhh.

Shockingly, he never called! I did see him at Waunafest later in the summer, though he didn't see me. Then tonight I see him. I have no idea if he even remembers me. I did my "look at the wall" when I walked by him. Oh and of course I text Marie to let her know he was there.

Aww, this post reminds me of summer and beer tents!

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