Thursday, February 19, 2009


Whelp. Here we go again.

I hung out w/ Matt on Feb. 7th. Things were good. Not outstanding by any means. It was our 4th date and we hung out at this house and watched Apollo 13 w/ his roommates. Meh. He had made the comment of "if I don't talk to you for a few days, it's not because I'm not into you, it's because I'm busy and have things going on in my life" Sweet. Sounds like a good deal to me, I'm a busy girl w/ working full time and going to school and having that ever important social life of hanging out w/ my friends. I was fine w/ it. But soon, day by day, the more that Matt didn't bother contacting me, the more I went "meh, eh, I don't care" I started to realize that, while we had a decent time the first 3 dates, by the 4th date I had that "ugh, what am I doing on his couch watching Apollo 13 w/ his roommates?" and that when he didn't contact me ALL week. I wasn't worried. I have other things in my life to worry about, other than a dumb guy who isn't calling me.

During that time of Matt and I hanging out, he had mentioned he wanted to be my friend on Facebook (which meant I would need to hide my blog) So, Friday night, after a few too many Miller Lites and Ashton Fish Fry fish, I requested him as a friend (whoa! big step) On Saturday morning he accepted my friendship-and then the Facebook stalking begins!-He had decided to go to Colorado this week, so being a nice girl I am, I called him up later Saturday morning to say, Have a nice trip in Colorado. He didn't pick up. Meh, I'll leave a voicemail. Left a nice generic message of "have a good time in Colorado, if you want, call me back or not. No big deal if you don't"

He didn't call back. Really? No text back at least saying "thanks" Nothing. Did my worry set in? Nahh, I had the "meh" feeling. The "I don't care" feeling. It felt great.

Last night the girls from school decided to hit up Paisan's for some pizza for a mid week girls night out. Right away Katie (who had done the initial set up of Matt and I) asked me what was going on w/ Matt and me. I basically gave her the "meh, no clue/don't care" She then informed me that I shouldn't hang out w/ him because he is kind of an idiot/moron/dumb ass. Okie dokie! Fill me in on more please!

Apparently...........Matt had told Katie on Sunday. Feb. 15th that he didn't see it going anywhere. (yet he accepts my friend request on Facebook?) and is the best part. He said to Katie, since he wasn't taking me to the hockey game, if she wanted my ticket. Katie of course declined. The "funny" part is....apparently he FORGOT to mention any of this information to ME! Fine, if he isn't in to me, no big deal. But for one, CALL AND TELL ME YOU AREN'T INTO ME! And two, DON'T GO OFFERING MY TICKET TO MY FRIEND, WHEN HE KNEW HE HADN'T EVEN TOLD ME THAT I WAS UNINVITED TO THE HOCKEY GAME!!!!!!!!!

That my friend, is the definition of a shady guy.

Am I mad, sad or lonely? Nope. Not one bit. I'm happy.

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