Thursday, February 19, 2009

Changing my blog just a wee bit!

While I do love blogging about my dates and all. I think I'm going to change it up a bit. I decided to quit after my membership went out, because I meet boring guys on The dates were painful 95% of the time. Why bother putting me through this? As for my friends setting me up, I seem to have the 4th date curse. Both times have now been ended after the 4th date. Kind of funny actually. Is it me? Is it them? WHO CARES???????? Cuz I sure as heck don't.

I will continue to blog about the various men in my life, but it will also be about my other activities as well. If I have a funny story or some sort of drama about Stupid Boy, I'll blog about it. If I have no new material, I won't be blogging. So check back here when ever you think I'm up to something. :)

Yes, I totally got this idea last night at dinner when me, Louise, Megan and Katie decided we were totally the girls from Sex and the City. Oh and I'm totally Carrie in this scenario, w/ a bit of everyone else. It's a Wisconsin style Sex and the City.

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