Monday, March 30, 2009


I'm sure you are thinking by the title of this post, I want to draw attention to the fact that I possibly met a cute new boy and we are going to live happily ever after. I'm here to say that is far from the truth. Probably farthest it's ever been in my life. The reason I'm *ahem* is because I have a freaking cold and I'm clearing my throat every two seconds. Ugh and this stupid cold pretty much ruined my weekend too.

I took off Friday from work so I could get a chance to sleep all day long. And that is pretty much what I ended up doing. I went out Friday night for my friend Louise's birthday. The plan was dinner at Frida's at 6:30 and then to head over to the Great Dane at 8:30. The dinner was fun, I wasn't a fan of what I got, but have no fear, I loaded up on chips and salsa. We went over to the Great Dane and for once in my life I can say that beer just didn't seem appetizing. At all. No alcohol did either. Add in that I just in general still felt cruddy, there I sat being the sober sick girl for the evening. How much fun is that? Exactly. I stayed out till about 11:30pm when Megan and I decided to leave. I hate being the party pooper, but I just felt "off"

The Marine text me at the normal 2am to see what I was up to. Since I didn't pick up he decided to call instead waking me up. We both were sick (hmmm I'm wondering if I got sick from him or from random make out w/ Spud) I decided I needed a cuddle buddy that night since I was sick. I went over there with the rules of "cuddling only" who am I fking kidding? Cuddling lead to much more of course. Afterward we were laying there cuddling when I realized I didn't want to cuddle. I didn't want anyone touching me really. I normally always spend the night, but in this case I just drove myself home instead. Huh...that was weird.

Saturday afternoon I went up to Hixton, Wisconsin for my cousins going away party. Again, early in the week I thought this would be an awesome time. But with me still feeling annoyed/sick/cranky I wasn't in the most glorious mood to party. When we got up there I realized it was a glorious opportunity for me. While normally when I go out, I have to deal with the competition of other girls. But in this scenario, I was basically the only single girl along side my cousin, who made the comment that she knew most of the guys there and they all felt like older brothers to her. Sweet deal right? Meh, not really. The guys there were pretty much all available and nice decent looking guys. But after talking to them, I really wasn't getting any good vibe of "well maybe if I'm not coughing later, we could make out" One guy pretty much had ample opportunity to really win me over. But he spent the majority of the night asking me the same questions over and over. Seriously dude. Shut up. By 3:30am, I was getting tired of it all and just wanted to go home. We did plan to just spend the night at my aunt and uncles, but after realizing we wouldn't get much sleep and my brother had drank an energy drink that he convinced us he could just drive home instead. I didn't get to bed until 6am. I'm sure my body was loving me at this point.

Sunday afternoon I surprisingly did a 10 mile run. I felt awesome. I don't understand how I can feel that crappy, yet crank out a perfect 10 miler. Ho-hum.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Maybe blondes do have more fun..

While technically my natural hair color is dish water blond, I more feel like I lean towards the brunette/dark hair color people. On Saturday I went on a whim and got some blond highlights. I haven't been a "blond" over 3 years.

I often make goals for myself. They usually include running my 3rd marathon, doing somewhat good in school and eating healthy. Those are the majority of my long term goals. But on Saturday, I was on a mission. My mission that I had chosen for myself was a simple one, yet sometimes hard to follow through on. My goal/mission was to find a cute boy to make out with. I haven't had a random make out in a long time. I'm sure the married/taken folk are groaning at this point thinking "really Andrea?" Ummm yes, really.

In the middle of last week at *gasp* a reasonable time of day, I got a text from the Marine asking if I wanted to challenge my college basketball skills and be apart of his work bracket pool for the tournament. I'm a damn competitive person, so of course, I took the challenge. The Marine is an avid Texas fan, while I'm a tried and true Wisconsin Badger fan. Even last year when we were hanging out he let me in on his work bracket. Of course this is now the strangest booty call relationship in the world.

On Friday night, I was really looking forward to sitting on my couch to watch the Badgers and my Joe Krabbenhoft taking on FSU. It was an AWESOME game. Of course, my Badgers WON. It was probably one of the most exciting games I have watched. As soon as the Badgers got done beating FSU, I get a text from the Marine "I hate the Badgers, yall will lose on Sunday" Me being the cocky one here I text back "Aww damn it feels to good to be a Badger" HAHAHAHA. No one thought the Badgers could win that night and I of course had them winning in that bracket.

After I was asleep Friday night, I must have gotten a text from the Marine asking if I was awake. I was sound asleep so I didn't hear my phone. But have no fear, we know how persistent he is, he just decided to call me to wake me up. We talked for a good 30min and kept trying to bash my Badgers. Whatever dude. So he finally asked if I wanted to come over. Umm yeah, I do. At 3:30am I drove over there. I also got to meet his cute little hound puppy, which was adorable. And yet again, the Marine was looking mighty fine too.

Saturday afternoon is when I went in for my transformation. While Brooklyn was doing my hair, I told her that I better get a make out from this. She guaranteed that I would (and it so happened she was coming out w/ us that night too!) I used to work with Brooklyn's mom and we decided we needed to have a girls night out. I headed down to a little itty bitty town of New Glarus. For Carol and Brooklyn, they know everyone there, as for me, I didn't know a single soul. Which of course always leads to more fun.

We started off eating/drinking at the Ott Haus, a few beers there we decided to road trip out to Carol's sisters house to get some Raspberry Pie liquor she had made. Like the Apple Pie shots I had a week ago, this is sweet stuff, but you can't taste the liquor in it. Mmmhmm my favorite. After taking a few swigs from that we decided to go back into New Glarus to Kleeman's bar, which had a DJ so we could dance. As soon as we got there me, Carol, Denise and Brooklyn hit the dance floor. It was pretty much like a wedding, except for the sappy love songs they didn't play. Every song they played I loved. Denise and I wanted to get some fresh air so we went outside for a bit. We also had to go to the bathroom so we went back down to the Ott Haus to use their bathroom (I love how small town bars are that close) we went in and then we decided to stay for one beer real quick. As we were standing at the bar I heard a guy say to his friend "Dude, she is totally a Stampfli, just look at her, she looks just like one!" Now, I probably wouldn't have thought anything of this comment, but Carol's maiden last name is Stampfli and Brooklyn's last name is Stampfli (it's kind of like my last name, everyone knows who you are and what not) and I have been told I look a lot like Carol when her and I have gone out a few times. Denise and I chugged our beers and left. We got back to Kleenman's when I told Carol that I heard some guy saying I looked like a Stampfli. And low behold, that guy showed up at Kleeman's 5 min later. I pointed him out to Carol and she said that was "Spud" and she said he was a really nice guy. I thought he was pretty cute, a bit shorter, but had a nice body and dressed pretty good. Since he knew Brooklyn and Carol he was hanging out/dancing with the group of us. And with a little bit of liquid courage (I was nice and buzzed..well probably drunk at this point) I go up to him and start talking to him and asking him why he thinks I looked like a Stampfli. We talked for a bit and then somehow started dancing. There was a bit of grinding going on the dance floor. It was so what I needed. We went outside to cool down a bit. There we sat in the alley kissing. I'm not going to say it was magical or I could hear birds twirping in delight. It was a cute drunk make out. We went back into the bar and hung out for a bit. We decided we should go back to the Ott Haus because his roommate was working there. I was pretty drunk at this point, so anything goes! I stuck to drinking water when we were at that bar, his friend was basically closing the bar up. We left that bar and his roommate drove us home. I was supposed to go home w/ Carol that night but of course here I was making my way back to Spud's house. When we got back to his place we climbed into bed and made out for a bit more. Until I passed out and didn't wake up till 8am and wondering..."where the heck am I?" It took a few seconds to remember. All in all it was a fun night.

Who knows if it was my hair that night or maybe it was just because I looked like a Stampfli...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Where did the weekend go?

I love it that some weekends for me are spent sleeping 12 1/2 hours each day and really just sitting on the couch watching t.v. and not showering until Sunday night when I realize I need to be presentable at work the next day. Or other weekends that I'm so damn busy and I don't feel like I actually had a weekend. Well I got the busy weekend this weekend and am here to report my stuff...

I found myself driving to the Missouri Tavern Friday night while eating flaming hot Funyons, I figured with my empty stomach and for me to start drinking beer and being a bit dehydrated might not be the best option. Missouri Tavern is a bar that everyone knows your name. Well except they don't know my name because I'm not a regular by any means. It's a cute little hick bar on the outside of Middleton. We figured we would stop there for a few before we headed to the fish fry (can you see my love for fish fry?) I met up w/ my friends Kate and Fred. The way the Missouri Tavern is set up is quite odd, so the only table we could get was the one right by the front entry way. Which was fine for me, more prime guy watching. My younger brother met up w/ us and so did my cousin. The Missouri Tavern had quite the older crowd, say older than my dad's age. There were a few young cute guys that were walking in the door. They were the kind of guys who work construction. I do generally find those guys to be very attractive, something about a guy working with his hands.....oh yeah..yum. But being with where we were sitting there wasn't ample opportunity to chat up one of these guys. And after 45min of being there, drinking 3 beers and 2 apple pie shots, we figured we realized we needed to head out to the fish fry before they stopped serving. I guess w/ the combo of PBR beer, apple pie shots, and an abundant amount of fish, I wasn't feeling the greatest when we were done eating. I also knew I had a run the next morning that I needed to do. I was home by 9:30 and in bed by 9:45.

At 12:46 I got a text from the Marine "Hey what are you up to?" I text back "sleeping" thinking that he would get the hint that I'm.....SLEEPING. He texts back "That is a good thing" Umm ok, so I just ignore and go back to bed. Then at 1:08 I get from him "So does that mean you don't want to talk to me????" Ummm yeah. I'm SLEEPING. I ignore again. At 1:48 I get another text "U awake?" Ummmmmmmmmm NO I'M SLEEPING. If I was awake I'd answer you! So again, I go back to sleep (at this point I'm sure you are all wondering why I just don't turn off my phone, but it's something I just don't like to do) At 2:05 I'm dreaming of hearing my Keith Urban ring tone and I soon realize, nope I'm not dreaming, my phone is actually ringing. Sigh. I pick up noticing it is the Marine calling me. We start talking and he pretty much right away stated that I should come over. I declined due to the fact that I: again haven't shaved my legs in awhile, smell like fish fry, reek of cigarette smoke, and need to get up at 8am. Yeah, sorry dude, it ain't happening tonight. I told him he was more than welcome to come to my place, though he said he was to drunk to drive. We chatted for like an hour (yes, this is such a strange booty call relationship) I started giving him a hard time about being just a booty call, so he piped in and said that he would like to take me out to dinner Saturday night, like a date. Umm huh? Yeah, I know I give him crap about doing that but I didn't think he would actually want to take me out. He said he felt like he owed me since he put me through so much crap the last year. Hesitant/wanting him to actually take me out and treat me how I want to be treated took over and I agreed. 5% of me actually believed he would do this for me. 95% of me was hoping he would. We got off the phone and he said he would call me around 3 or 4 Saturday afternoon.

My Saturday morning and afternoon was filled with running and getting my hair cut (super duper cute cut!) By the time I got home, it was 4pm. No call. No nothing. Like I said, part of me knew this wasn't going to happen, so I can't say I was all that heart broken and bummed about it. I figured he would let me down. At 4:30 my phone rang (I actually thought it was him, but alas, it wasn't) my friend Louise was calling to see what I was up to for the night. I told her my situation and we both decided to not wait on his ass calling me and that we should meet up for dinner and drinks. We went to the Great Dane, which seems to be the bar her and I always go to. The night was filled with drinking, talking and bitching about life. She is one of those friends you just can talk to and know she won't judge you for your actions. By 10:30 we were getting antsy being at the bar and decided to head to another one. One stop at the Old Fashioned and we realized we just wanted to sit and hang out and talk and that bar wasn't the spot for us. We then went to a coffee house that was closing in 15 minutes. We ordered some tea and just talked. It amazes me some days that Louise is 21 years old. She acts so mature for her age that I sometimes forget I'm the older one. After they kicked us out of the coffee shop, we headed home for the night. My feet were killing me and I had to get up yet again for another run in the morning. I got home and went straight for bed. At 1:04 someone text me (luckily I didn't wake up from it) but if you can guess who text me you will win a fantastic prize. Haha, kidding. It was the Marine "Hey sorry about tonight...hope your night went well" I'm actually surprised he owned up to it. Normally the standard for the Marine is to wait two weeks and call me and act like he didn't ditch me (sad to say he has done this too many times to count) I didn't text him back anything. I honestly don't know what to say anymore with him. Part of me Saturday night wanted to text him and say "Do me a favor and loose my number" But I just couldn't do it. I know everyone is wondering what the heck is wrong with me. I'm always a advocate of ditching loser guys. But I know the Marine and I will never be a couple. And since I don't have anything else going on right now, why not? I'll just need to remember to shave my legs the next time he calls.

Running highlight of the weekend: I ran 16 miles between Friday afternoon and Sunday morning. I'm SORE.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Thirsty Thursday

1/2 price margarita night always sounds like a good idea. In hind sight, it's more just a fully loaded tequila and sugar rush. You want to get the best bang for your buck, so you purchase the monsterita which is 46 oz of margarita. While normally I buy this, I'm *trying* to eat/drink healthier, so I instead drink Corona Light and left my bar tab open. Never a good idea for me to leave my bar tab open. The night was filled with talking about work because I went out w/ work friends.

Closer to the end of the night-well we had started drinking at 4pm, so by 7:45 I was ready to call it quits, but I'm no quitter! M&M and I were feeling pretty good at this point and she thought it would be a really good idea to give me tips on how to pick up men with my hair. This was probably the funniest thing I had seen all night. She kept telling me I should go try it on a guy..which looking around, there were some decent enough guys there, but nothing that stood out. I let M&M take charge and pick out a guy for me. She picked out a guy at the bar w/ a green shirt. From behind he seemed cute enough. Him and his friend got up and went to play some golf game. M&M and the rest of the table thought it would be a really good idea for us to go play darts next to them. So, with a little convincing, a little liquid courage and the fact I knew I was looking damn good in my outfit, I figured, what the hell do I have to lose?

We starting playing darts and I do declare, I suck at darts. They told me I should purposely throw bad (dude I am just bad in general!) I did attempt to throw it more towards the ground (wow I am lame) and of course it went flying over to Green shirt guy and his friend White hat. White hat was the one it landed more towards. So I apologized for my aim and started talking to him. We made small chit chat. I introduced myself to both of them. Aaron was Green shirt, Scotty was White hat. I looked closer at Green shirt and noticed that he wasn't all that cute, but White hat on the other hand was cuter. And White hat was talking to me more than Green shirt. We made small talk with each other. He was answering questions that I asked and started asking me questions. While I wasn't falling head over heels by any means, it was just nice to talk and flirt w/ a cute boy.

We got done playing darts and my crew was ready to leave. I went outside to say bye to a few of my coworkers since I was dead ass tired. I wasn't sure if I should go back and say bye to white hat...My coworkers quickly assured me it would be a good idea. I went back inside and told him it was nice meeting him and that I was leaving. He then stated that I lame for leaving early and that I should stay. Our convo quickly turned more flirtatious. I felt bad because Green shirt was just kind of standing there while we talked. Turns out White hat goes to the PC where I work out and we both work out at the same time and he is a runner.

It started to get extremely hot at Pedro's and I felt like my face was melting off and I wanted to go to bed. I said I was now going to leave and that maybe I will see him at the gym sometime maybe? He said he would be there Friday night and look for me.

He didn't ask for my number though. Maybe I'll see him at the gym, maybe I won't. Either way it was fun to practice flirting w/ a boy.

Onto the UW Men's Hockey game for a some girls night out. Which of course, I plan to practice even more tonight.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bitter, party of one..

Sigh...In the last 4 days I have been called bitter by two people. Well, I guess I asked for it when I asked people if they thought I was bitter. They both said yes. What? I'm the fun loving girl! There is no bitter...ehh yeah I'm bitter. While this is no way a slam against M&M (I know she will be reading this and she is the one who inspired me to write this) And in both cases of me being called bitter was due to what I said to Shady Matt.

But, how does one not be bitter about the things he said/did to me? Or not even in his case, about what 93% of guys who have been jerks to me. Don't I almost have a right to be bitter and angry about that? The things I said to Shady Matt were me being bitchy, but it was brought to my attention that they were clearly bitter and I need to move on. I dunno if it's so much about me moving on from him. It's me having to believe what the next guy says to me and make me actually believe what he says to me is the truth and he *gasp* means it. The majority of my married/friends in relationships have given me the token "You will find someone, some day" I know they are being great friends saying that I know they truly believe it. I do somewhat believe it. But what if I don't find someone? Then what? Is all hope gone? Will I be the bitter 53 year old lady with tons of dogs (sorry I don't like cats enough to be a cat lady)

I think the only way for me to not be bitter is if I get into a relationship and be able to trust a guy. I mean really, how many bitter people are in a relationship? None.

M&M even said that she loves me for who I am. I think I will continue to be bitter though. It's part of my bitchy/bitter charm.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Boys, Beer & Bockfest!

I think my belly is still full from the mass quantities of beer I consumed over the weekend. Whoa. I like beer and all, but after this weekend I might need to take a break from it. Nahh, never mind, I will continue to drink it.

My Friday was pretty uneventful. Went to the bar Game Time, which is a bit of a redneckish bar, but since I'm half redneck half city girl, it's a nice mix for me compared to Connie's which is red neck city. I think I might prefer going to Game Time over Connie's from now on because when I enter Game Time, the whole bar doesn't turn and stare at me w/ that "who the heck is that?" look. It's kind of annoying.

After drinking a Spotted Cow at Game Time we headed over to the Ashton Fish Fry. Met up w/ my brother and his friend Scotty to hottie. One of the guys I like to kiss every once in awhile. It annoys my younger brother to no end that Scotty to hottie and I kiss, so it makes it that much more fun. After we consumed our fish, we went to Connie's after for a quick beer. Upon review of the bar boys, I spotted one guy I had a big crush on senior year in high school. He is a total red neck. Yeah.....I still don't know why I liked him. Ick. We stayed for one beer at Connie's and decided to depart and go home. I had to get up and go to Bockfest the next day!

3a.m. and my phone is ringing. Half asleep I noticed it was the Marine calling me. I of course picked up. We chatted for a bit while he tried talking me into coming over. I kept declining because I needed to get up early to run some errands and go to Bockfest. So of course at 4:30am I found myself driving over to his house. Why oh why do I do this to myself? Ehh, I know why. I have fun when I'm w/ him. Is that such a crime? I know that the Marine and I will never be anything. I have come to that conclusion and I'm ok with it. And of course on the drive over I suddenly realized it has been quite some time since I shaved my legs (obviously it's been a while since I have gotten some) I cursed my lazy self. Oh well, he will just have to deal. The Marine and I always have fun in or out of the bedroom. This is just one of the many reasons why I like this guy. He is everything I want in a guy. Except for the whole not returning my phone calls and what not. We were just laying there talking about things when I had mentioned the upcoming wedding reception of Liz & Miguel. I had mentioned to him that I originally wanted him to come with to make the ex jealous. He said he would love to come w/ him. Huh? What? I purposely didn't call him up to ask him to come with me because I figured he wouldn't want to. And now he is laying here saying he would want to come with me. I was a little shocked. As we laid there I almost started crying. Why does he have to be this awesome, yet a total jerk some days. Sigh.

The next day at Bockfest, it was a sea of hot yummy boys to look at. Starting my drinking at noon is always a good day for me! I met up w/ my friend Katie and a few of my family members and friends. We stood outside w/ 20 degree weather drinking big mugs of beer. Life doesn't get much better than this. Towards the end of Bockfest, I found Liz & Miguel. We talked for a bit about Stupid Boy and what not, where of course she says "I'm so glad you didn't get back together w/ him" Umm yes, me too. I started talking to their friend Mike. He was a decent enough guy talking. Towards the end of the conversation he did the "we should hang out, what's your number?" Me getting a wee bit past tipsy at this point gave it to him. As soon as I did I thought to myself, "why the heck am I giving him my number? I have absolutely no desire to hang out w/ him" but there I was rattling off my number. We departed ways when I started talking to another one of Miguel and Liz's friends. I want to say his name was Kevin...umm sure. Now this guy was cute and funny. I started working my drunk charm when I asked if he had a girlfriend. He said no he didn't have a girlfriend, but he did have a wife. Ohhhhhhhh. And of course at this point I make a beeline out of there and look for my friend Katie.

Upon finding Katie, it appeared her and I were both fully drunk. She said Travis was coming to pick her up and they were going to eat and asked if I wanted to come with. Of course I needed something in my stomach. She said that it was going to be Travis, Shady Matt and Josh. GREAT. How is my luck that they are bringing Shady Matt?!?!? I said I was fine w/ the situation. We get in the car and there is Shady Matt sitting in the front. I'm drunk enough at this point that I don't care. And he can't see me glaring at him.

We go to dinner at the Great Dane and I get to sit right across from him. It's not like I'm heart broken over this guy or anything. It's just, he did a super shady thing to me. Had he just called me up and said "I'm just not that into you" I'd be fine. But ya don't stop calling someone and uninvited them to a hockey game when you know a ton of their friends and you are more than likely to run into the girl again. He didn't say much throughout dinner. I somehow managed to keep my cool till the end when I thought it would be a really good idea in my smart alack of a way to ask him about Colorado. Yeah. I asked and he answers in like two words. So, what do you do when you infuriate me even more? I then asked how that UW Men's hockey game was. I think you could hear the table go silent and just stare at him. What do I care at this point? I figured I might as well make him feel as uncomfortable as he can. He quickly got up and had to have a cigarette. When he came back, I could just smell the stank of cigarettes, and seeing as I hate that smell, I mentioned that it stunk in here now. I'm an up front honest person, put a few beers in me and I will be even more up front. Now seeing as he pissed me off, the real bitch will come out. After sitting there for a bit, he said he was going to wait outside for us (aww did I scare him?) I took my time finishing my supper. It's to bad he was sitting out there in 20 degree we finally left and on the way back Shady Matt gets a call from of course what I presume is a girl. He tries to play it cool w/ this girl and asks if she wants to hang out later. I think she declined because the conversation quickly ended after that.

I got home at about 6:30pm and did my normal drunk dial of Ray. I then fell asleep by 7pm and woke up at 10pm, feeling like crap.

I ran 5 miles yesterday and then devoured 2 rows of Girl Scout cookies. Oops!

Upcoming fun events this week for me:
Doctors appointment Wednesday-OK that is not exciting
Thursday night-1/2 price margaritas for a friends bday
Friday night-UW Men's Hockey game-girls night out!