Monday, March 2, 2009

Boys, Beer & Bockfest!

I think my belly is still full from the mass quantities of beer I consumed over the weekend. Whoa. I like beer and all, but after this weekend I might need to take a break from it. Nahh, never mind, I will continue to drink it.

My Friday was pretty uneventful. Went to the bar Game Time, which is a bit of a redneckish bar, but since I'm half redneck half city girl, it's a nice mix for me compared to Connie's which is red neck city. I think I might prefer going to Game Time over Connie's from now on because when I enter Game Time, the whole bar doesn't turn and stare at me w/ that "who the heck is that?" look. It's kind of annoying.

After drinking a Spotted Cow at Game Time we headed over to the Ashton Fish Fry. Met up w/ my brother and his friend Scotty to hottie. One of the guys I like to kiss every once in awhile. It annoys my younger brother to no end that Scotty to hottie and I kiss, so it makes it that much more fun. After we consumed our fish, we went to Connie's after for a quick beer. Upon review of the bar boys, I spotted one guy I had a big crush on senior year in high school. He is a total red neck. Yeah.....I still don't know why I liked him. Ick. We stayed for one beer at Connie's and decided to depart and go home. I had to get up and go to Bockfest the next day!

3a.m. and my phone is ringing. Half asleep I noticed it was the Marine calling me. I of course picked up. We chatted for a bit while he tried talking me into coming over. I kept declining because I needed to get up early to run some errands and go to Bockfest. So of course at 4:30am I found myself driving over to his house. Why oh why do I do this to myself? Ehh, I know why. I have fun when I'm w/ him. Is that such a crime? I know that the Marine and I will never be anything. I have come to that conclusion and I'm ok with it. And of course on the drive over I suddenly realized it has been quite some time since I shaved my legs (obviously it's been a while since I have gotten some) I cursed my lazy self. Oh well, he will just have to deal. The Marine and I always have fun in or out of the bedroom. This is just one of the many reasons why I like this guy. He is everything I want in a guy. Except for the whole not returning my phone calls and what not. We were just laying there talking about things when I had mentioned the upcoming wedding reception of Liz & Miguel. I had mentioned to him that I originally wanted him to come with to make the ex jealous. He said he would love to come w/ him. Huh? What? I purposely didn't call him up to ask him to come with me because I figured he wouldn't want to. And now he is laying here saying he would want to come with me. I was a little shocked. As we laid there I almost started crying. Why does he have to be this awesome, yet a total jerk some days. Sigh.

The next day at Bockfest, it was a sea of hot yummy boys to look at. Starting my drinking at noon is always a good day for me! I met up w/ my friend Katie and a few of my family members and friends. We stood outside w/ 20 degree weather drinking big mugs of beer. Life doesn't get much better than this. Towards the end of Bockfest, I found Liz & Miguel. We talked for a bit about Stupid Boy and what not, where of course she says "I'm so glad you didn't get back together w/ him" Umm yes, me too. I started talking to their friend Mike. He was a decent enough guy talking. Towards the end of the conversation he did the "we should hang out, what's your number?" Me getting a wee bit past tipsy at this point gave it to him. As soon as I did I thought to myself, "why the heck am I giving him my number? I have absolutely no desire to hang out w/ him" but there I was rattling off my number. We departed ways when I started talking to another one of Miguel and Liz's friends. I want to say his name was Kevin...umm sure. Now this guy was cute and funny. I started working my drunk charm when I asked if he had a girlfriend. He said no he didn't have a girlfriend, but he did have a wife. Ohhhhhhhh. And of course at this point I make a beeline out of there and look for my friend Katie.

Upon finding Katie, it appeared her and I were both fully drunk. She said Travis was coming to pick her up and they were going to eat and asked if I wanted to come with. Of course I needed something in my stomach. She said that it was going to be Travis, Shady Matt and Josh. GREAT. How is my luck that they are bringing Shady Matt?!?!? I said I was fine w/ the situation. We get in the car and there is Shady Matt sitting in the front. I'm drunk enough at this point that I don't care. And he can't see me glaring at him.

We go to dinner at the Great Dane and I get to sit right across from him. It's not like I'm heart broken over this guy or anything. It's just, he did a super shady thing to me. Had he just called me up and said "I'm just not that into you" I'd be fine. But ya don't stop calling someone and uninvited them to a hockey game when you know a ton of their friends and you are more than likely to run into the girl again. He didn't say much throughout dinner. I somehow managed to keep my cool till the end when I thought it would be a really good idea in my smart alack of a way to ask him about Colorado. Yeah. I asked and he answers in like two words. So, what do you do when you infuriate me even more? I then asked how that UW Men's hockey game was. I think you could hear the table go silent and just stare at him. What do I care at this point? I figured I might as well make him feel as uncomfortable as he can. He quickly got up and had to have a cigarette. When he came back, I could just smell the stank of cigarettes, and seeing as I hate that smell, I mentioned that it stunk in here now. I'm an up front honest person, put a few beers in me and I will be even more up front. Now seeing as he pissed me off, the real bitch will come out. After sitting there for a bit, he said he was going to wait outside for us (aww did I scare him?) I took my time finishing my supper. It's to bad he was sitting out there in 20 degree we finally left and on the way back Shady Matt gets a call from of course what I presume is a girl. He tries to play it cool w/ this girl and asks if she wants to hang out later. I think she declined because the conversation quickly ended after that.

I got home at about 6:30pm and did my normal drunk dial of Ray. I then fell asleep by 7pm and woke up at 10pm, feeling like crap.

I ran 5 miles yesterday and then devoured 2 rows of Girl Scout cookies. Oops!

Upcoming fun events this week for me:
Doctors appointment Wednesday-OK that is not exciting
Thursday night-1/2 price margaritas for a friends bday
Friday night-UW Men's Hockey game-girls night out!

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