Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bitter, party of one..

Sigh...In the last 4 days I have been called bitter by two people. Well, I guess I asked for it when I asked people if they thought I was bitter. They both said yes. What? I'm the fun loving girl! There is no bitter...ehh yeah I'm bitter. While this is no way a slam against M&M (I know she will be reading this and she is the one who inspired me to write this) And in both cases of me being called bitter was due to what I said to Shady Matt.

But, how does one not be bitter about the things he said/did to me? Or not even in his case, about what 93% of guys who have been jerks to me. Don't I almost have a right to be bitter and angry about that? The things I said to Shady Matt were me being bitchy, but it was brought to my attention that they were clearly bitter and I need to move on. I dunno if it's so much about me moving on from him. It's me having to believe what the next guy says to me and make me actually believe what he says to me is the truth and he *gasp* means it. The majority of my married/friends in relationships have given me the token "You will find someone, some day" I know they are being great friends saying that I know they truly believe it. I do somewhat believe it. But what if I don't find someone? Then what? Is all hope gone? Will I be the bitter 53 year old lady with tons of dogs (sorry I don't like cats enough to be a cat lady)

I think the only way for me to not be bitter is if I get into a relationship and be able to trust a guy. I mean really, how many bitter people are in a relationship? None.

M&M even said that she loves me for who I am. I think I will continue to be bitter though. It's part of my bitchy/bitter charm.

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