Monday, March 23, 2009

Maybe blondes do have more fun..

While technically my natural hair color is dish water blond, I more feel like I lean towards the brunette/dark hair color people. On Saturday I went on a whim and got some blond highlights. I haven't been a "blond" over 3 years.

I often make goals for myself. They usually include running my 3rd marathon, doing somewhat good in school and eating healthy. Those are the majority of my long term goals. But on Saturday, I was on a mission. My mission that I had chosen for myself was a simple one, yet sometimes hard to follow through on. My goal/mission was to find a cute boy to make out with. I haven't had a random make out in a long time. I'm sure the married/taken folk are groaning at this point thinking "really Andrea?" Ummm yes, really.

In the middle of last week at *gasp* a reasonable time of day, I got a text from the Marine asking if I wanted to challenge my college basketball skills and be apart of his work bracket pool for the tournament. I'm a damn competitive person, so of course, I took the challenge. The Marine is an avid Texas fan, while I'm a tried and true Wisconsin Badger fan. Even last year when we were hanging out he let me in on his work bracket. Of course this is now the strangest booty call relationship in the world.

On Friday night, I was really looking forward to sitting on my couch to watch the Badgers and my Joe Krabbenhoft taking on FSU. It was an AWESOME game. Of course, my Badgers WON. It was probably one of the most exciting games I have watched. As soon as the Badgers got done beating FSU, I get a text from the Marine "I hate the Badgers, yall will lose on Sunday" Me being the cocky one here I text back "Aww damn it feels to good to be a Badger" HAHAHAHA. No one thought the Badgers could win that night and I of course had them winning in that bracket.

After I was asleep Friday night, I must have gotten a text from the Marine asking if I was awake. I was sound asleep so I didn't hear my phone. But have no fear, we know how persistent he is, he just decided to call me to wake me up. We talked for a good 30min and kept trying to bash my Badgers. Whatever dude. So he finally asked if I wanted to come over. Umm yeah, I do. At 3:30am I drove over there. I also got to meet his cute little hound puppy, which was adorable. And yet again, the Marine was looking mighty fine too.

Saturday afternoon is when I went in for my transformation. While Brooklyn was doing my hair, I told her that I better get a make out from this. She guaranteed that I would (and it so happened she was coming out w/ us that night too!) I used to work with Brooklyn's mom and we decided we needed to have a girls night out. I headed down to a little itty bitty town of New Glarus. For Carol and Brooklyn, they know everyone there, as for me, I didn't know a single soul. Which of course always leads to more fun.

We started off eating/drinking at the Ott Haus, a few beers there we decided to road trip out to Carol's sisters house to get some Raspberry Pie liquor she had made. Like the Apple Pie shots I had a week ago, this is sweet stuff, but you can't taste the liquor in it. Mmmhmm my favorite. After taking a few swigs from that we decided to go back into New Glarus to Kleeman's bar, which had a DJ so we could dance. As soon as we got there me, Carol, Denise and Brooklyn hit the dance floor. It was pretty much like a wedding, except for the sappy love songs they didn't play. Every song they played I loved. Denise and I wanted to get some fresh air so we went outside for a bit. We also had to go to the bathroom so we went back down to the Ott Haus to use their bathroom (I love how small town bars are that close) we went in and then we decided to stay for one beer real quick. As we were standing at the bar I heard a guy say to his friend "Dude, she is totally a Stampfli, just look at her, she looks just like one!" Now, I probably wouldn't have thought anything of this comment, but Carol's maiden last name is Stampfli and Brooklyn's last name is Stampfli (it's kind of like my last name, everyone knows who you are and what not) and I have been told I look a lot like Carol when her and I have gone out a few times. Denise and I chugged our beers and left. We got back to Kleenman's when I told Carol that I heard some guy saying I looked like a Stampfli. And low behold, that guy showed up at Kleeman's 5 min later. I pointed him out to Carol and she said that was "Spud" and she said he was a really nice guy. I thought he was pretty cute, a bit shorter, but had a nice body and dressed pretty good. Since he knew Brooklyn and Carol he was hanging out/dancing with the group of us. And with a little bit of liquid courage (I was nice and buzzed..well probably drunk at this point) I go up to him and start talking to him and asking him why he thinks I looked like a Stampfli. We talked for a bit and then somehow started dancing. There was a bit of grinding going on the dance floor. It was so what I needed. We went outside to cool down a bit. There we sat in the alley kissing. I'm not going to say it was magical or I could hear birds twirping in delight. It was a cute drunk make out. We went back into the bar and hung out for a bit. We decided we should go back to the Ott Haus because his roommate was working there. I was pretty drunk at this point, so anything goes! I stuck to drinking water when we were at that bar, his friend was basically closing the bar up. We left that bar and his roommate drove us home. I was supposed to go home w/ Carol that night but of course here I was making my way back to Spud's house. When we got back to his place we climbed into bed and made out for a bit more. Until I passed out and didn't wake up till 8am and wondering..."where the heck am I?" It took a few seconds to remember. All in all it was a fun night.

Who knows if it was my hair that night or maybe it was just because I looked like a Stampfli...

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