Monday, March 30, 2009


I'm sure you are thinking by the title of this post, I want to draw attention to the fact that I possibly met a cute new boy and we are going to live happily ever after. I'm here to say that is far from the truth. Probably farthest it's ever been in my life. The reason I'm *ahem* is because I have a freaking cold and I'm clearing my throat every two seconds. Ugh and this stupid cold pretty much ruined my weekend too.

I took off Friday from work so I could get a chance to sleep all day long. And that is pretty much what I ended up doing. I went out Friday night for my friend Louise's birthday. The plan was dinner at Frida's at 6:30 and then to head over to the Great Dane at 8:30. The dinner was fun, I wasn't a fan of what I got, but have no fear, I loaded up on chips and salsa. We went over to the Great Dane and for once in my life I can say that beer just didn't seem appetizing. At all. No alcohol did either. Add in that I just in general still felt cruddy, there I sat being the sober sick girl for the evening. How much fun is that? Exactly. I stayed out till about 11:30pm when Megan and I decided to leave. I hate being the party pooper, but I just felt "off"

The Marine text me at the normal 2am to see what I was up to. Since I didn't pick up he decided to call instead waking me up. We both were sick (hmmm I'm wondering if I got sick from him or from random make out w/ Spud) I decided I needed a cuddle buddy that night since I was sick. I went over there with the rules of "cuddling only" who am I fking kidding? Cuddling lead to much more of course. Afterward we were laying there cuddling when I realized I didn't want to cuddle. I didn't want anyone touching me really. I normally always spend the night, but in this case I just drove myself home instead. Huh...that was weird.

Saturday afternoon I went up to Hixton, Wisconsin for my cousins going away party. Again, early in the week I thought this would be an awesome time. But with me still feeling annoyed/sick/cranky I wasn't in the most glorious mood to party. When we got up there I realized it was a glorious opportunity for me. While normally when I go out, I have to deal with the competition of other girls. But in this scenario, I was basically the only single girl along side my cousin, who made the comment that she knew most of the guys there and they all felt like older brothers to her. Sweet deal right? Meh, not really. The guys there were pretty much all available and nice decent looking guys. But after talking to them, I really wasn't getting any good vibe of "well maybe if I'm not coughing later, we could make out" One guy pretty much had ample opportunity to really win me over. But he spent the majority of the night asking me the same questions over and over. Seriously dude. Shut up. By 3:30am, I was getting tired of it all and just wanted to go home. We did plan to just spend the night at my aunt and uncles, but after realizing we wouldn't get much sleep and my brother had drank an energy drink that he convinced us he could just drive home instead. I didn't get to bed until 6am. I'm sure my body was loving me at this point.

Sunday afternoon I surprisingly did a 10 mile run. I felt awesome. I don't understand how I can feel that crappy, yet crank out a perfect 10 miler. Ho-hum.

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