Monday, November 8, 2010


Hello?! Is this thing on? Is anyone still around?

Well now that I have your attention. I'd like to announce that I will be embarking on a new blog adventure.

Title to be announced later (when I get around to figuring one out)

Stay tuned for details!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Updates of all updates.

I'm moving.

I'M MOVING TO FLORIDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Soooooooo. The blog will be put on hold for a bit until I get settled in and what not.

But have no fear, if I have this exciting of dating adventures in Wisconsin, I'll for surely have more in Florida.


Saturday, December 12, 2009

I'm bored.

With eHarmony. And basically with everyone and everything in my life.

I went out w/ a guy tonight. We shall call him High School because I went to high school w/ him. Yes, Aimee I'll email you and tell you who it is.

I went out w/ him as a friend, he contacted me and had no clue who I was. High school was a dork then and well so was I. We were emailing back and fourth and he was asking me boring email questions, so I point blank said I hated emailing and we should just meet up as friends for a drink. No harm right? Just friends.

HOLY AWKWARD. He was nervous for some odd reason. Dude, just friends. I have nothing better going on for a Saturday night, so I figured this would be fun to maybe make a new friend. I WAS WRONG.

No friendship connection whatsoever. I was bored. I kept thinking how much fun I'd be having if I was out w/ my girlfriends right now hitting on guys compared to me sitting here at the bar talking to him. Booooooooooooooring.

eHarmony started out on a high note, but is slowly declining to status. Great, I only have 5 months left of this crap.

Yeah, I should be positive, but I'm not. I'm annoyed. I just want to "click" with SOMEONE. But instead, I leave these dates/meet ups depressesed.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

I'd totally give that date a 10/10

If we just spent the whole time emailing each other instead being face to face.

I went out w/ Leigh. I don't even have a nickname for him for his lack of nickname worthy. Over email, this guy was hilarious. Funny guy. Totally getting a "he seems really really funny"

Within 3 1/2 min I wanted to leave. He wasn't a jerk or anything. But there was noooooooo connection. I felt more connection over email than I did talking to him.

I dunno if he couldn't hear well, but I'd say things and he couldn't understand it or get what I was saying at all. It was weird. Tons of awkward silences AND we just sat there asking each other questions and NOT having a conversation. Blah blah blah. Ugh.

Oh I should probably tell more details of the dates recap:
Met at 6:30 for sushi
Sushi arrived
Ate sushi
Was out of there by 7:35pm

But since we didn't email during the date, I give him a 5/10.

Friday, December 4, 2009

There is something missing.

I can't pin point it either.

Army boy and I went out to dinner tonight. I traveled up to his region for dinner and bowling. It was fun. I never once was bored or cringed at anything he said. No awkward silences, funny stories. Even when I saw him again I thought "yeah he is cute"

But something just isn't there. I don't feel this connection. Some sort of spark. Normally on the 2nd date I want to kiss (hell you all know I put out on the first date) so for me to be at the 2nd date and sprinting out of his truck is not a good sign.

It sucks. He is a nice guy. Like a nice guy that doesn't just say he's a nice guy to sleep with me. He even made sure to text me and let him know when I made it home safe. That's nice. That's what I would have wanted any other of the jerk guys I have dated to do for me.

I honestly don't see myself falling for him like I want to fall for someone.

I know some people are probably thinking "Golly (did I just write golly?) Andrea, you bitch and complain about the jerks in your life and a nice guy comes along and you get rid of him" But this isn't about him being a nice guy. I don't feel a connection. Weirdly enough, I'm proud of myself right now. 9 out of 10 times if I'm not feeling something I just ignore it and go on my merry little way.

I'm putting me first though right now. And I'm ok getting rid of the nice guy in hopes that I'll meet someone who will be the right guy for me. Aww that's so poetic.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hey! Let's watch the hockey game...

First things first. I'd like to thank both Kate and Tom for voting in this week's "where do I take my date?" While both of you voted downtown Great Dane location, I went out on my own and decided to Fitchburg. For reasons I have no clue why. Thank you for taking your time out of your day to vote.

Army boy and I have been talking for about a week now, he is from a bit far away too. Like 1 1/2 hours away from me. He told me that he would travel down to meet me. Sweet, no driving to his town and getting lost. I get lost easily, what can I say?

I originally suggested we meet up at the Great Dane to watch some UW Hockey, this way in case he was boring me, I'd be able to focus my attention the game and not him. Makes sense no? Well we met up for dinner and drinks at the Great Dane. We started chatting right away, not too much awkwardness which was nice. About half way through eating our dinner, I asked what time it was since I figured the game would be starting by now. Yeah, it was like 7:45pm. The game I had thought started at 7pm. Hmmm so apparently the Great Dane decided to not broadcast this game for us. So I kind of felt like an idiot for sayin "let's watch the hockey game, you like hockey Army Boy, this will be fun" and there was no hockey. But lucky for me, I didn't need the hockey game to divert my attention from Army boy. He was quite entertaining for me. I was definitely having a good time talking with him. I thought he was pretty cute. Not omg cute, but I think as the night went on, his personality made him cuter. Make sense? In my head it does. Anywhoo, I rated the date a 8 out of 10. He seems like a "nice" guy. And when I say "nice" I mean, he's usually a guy I probably wouldn't go for since he's not my typical "bad" boy. I think I'll give the "nice" guy a chance.

After the date he sent me this text "I had a great evening with you Andrea. Thank you:)" And then this afternoon he text me asking how my day was and then invited me up to his region for dinner. I declined due to me hanging out w/ my friend Tommy. And I'm trying that whole "playing hard to get" thing.

Not sure if I have a date on Wednesday and Thursday with two other randoms from eHarmony. They haven't confirmed yet with me.....I shall keep y'all posted!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Don't hate the playa, hate the game.

The game is being played.

D had to cancel last week for our 2nd date due to work. He warned me he is on call 24/7. Ok that's fine. But to cancel on me TWICE in one week? I of course went to my friends on this and asked the question "is this dude blowing me off? hoping to get a clear answer.

1/2 said he was a jerk and was blowing me off
1/2 said he said he is into me still

Well, I'd have to say, the 1/2 that said he was blowing me off might be right. Guess who hasn't talked or called me since last Friday when he sent me the text saying he couldn't hang out that night? Yup. D.

Yes, when he cancelled he did try to reschedule for Saturday night. I told him I was busy that night (total lie I sat on my couch alllllll night long, but this is the game we are playing now right?)

I'm not going to be the girl to drop everything if a guy asks me out last minute like that. Sure I could have went out w/ him, but then he'd be winning. He would know that at the drop of a hat, I'd be there. I'm not going to do that.

He may still call or text, which is fine, but I may or may not be busy too.

I've got 3 potential dates set up for the near future. Saturday night might be w/ an Army Boy (ohhh my military men weakness!) Then two other random guys for Wednesday and Thursday.

D who?