Friday, December 4, 2009

There is something missing.

I can't pin point it either.

Army boy and I went out to dinner tonight. I traveled up to his region for dinner and bowling. It was fun. I never once was bored or cringed at anything he said. No awkward silences, funny stories. Even when I saw him again I thought "yeah he is cute"

But something just isn't there. I don't feel this connection. Some sort of spark. Normally on the 2nd date I want to kiss (hell you all know I put out on the first date) so for me to be at the 2nd date and sprinting out of his truck is not a good sign.

It sucks. He is a nice guy. Like a nice guy that doesn't just say he's a nice guy to sleep with me. He even made sure to text me and let him know when I made it home safe. That's nice. That's what I would have wanted any other of the jerk guys I have dated to do for me.

I honestly don't see myself falling for him like I want to fall for someone.

I know some people are probably thinking "Golly (did I just write golly?) Andrea, you bitch and complain about the jerks in your life and a nice guy comes along and you get rid of him" But this isn't about him being a nice guy. I don't feel a connection. Weirdly enough, I'm proud of myself right now. 9 out of 10 times if I'm not feeling something I just ignore it and go on my merry little way.

I'm putting me first though right now. And I'm ok getting rid of the nice guy in hopes that I'll meet someone who will be the right guy for me. Aww that's so poetic.

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