Saturday, December 12, 2009

I'm bored.

With eHarmony. And basically with everyone and everything in my life.

I went out w/ a guy tonight. We shall call him High School because I went to high school w/ him. Yes, Aimee I'll email you and tell you who it is.

I went out w/ him as a friend, he contacted me and had no clue who I was. High school was a dork then and well so was I. We were emailing back and fourth and he was asking me boring email questions, so I point blank said I hated emailing and we should just meet up as friends for a drink. No harm right? Just friends.

HOLY AWKWARD. He was nervous for some odd reason. Dude, just friends. I have nothing better going on for a Saturday night, so I figured this would be fun to maybe make a new friend. I WAS WRONG.

No friendship connection whatsoever. I was bored. I kept thinking how much fun I'd be having if I was out w/ my girlfriends right now hitting on guys compared to me sitting here at the bar talking to him. Booooooooooooooring.

eHarmony started out on a high note, but is slowly declining to status. Great, I only have 5 months left of this crap.

Yeah, I should be positive, but I'm not. I'm annoyed. I just want to "click" with SOMEONE. But instead, I leave these dates/meet ups depressesed.

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