Thursday, December 10, 2009

I'd totally give that date a 10/10

If we just spent the whole time emailing each other instead being face to face.

I went out w/ Leigh. I don't even have a nickname for him for his lack of nickname worthy. Over email, this guy was hilarious. Funny guy. Totally getting a "he seems really really funny"

Within 3 1/2 min I wanted to leave. He wasn't a jerk or anything. But there was noooooooo connection. I felt more connection over email than I did talking to him.

I dunno if he couldn't hear well, but I'd say things and he couldn't understand it or get what I was saying at all. It was weird. Tons of awkward silences AND we just sat there asking each other questions and NOT having a conversation. Blah blah blah. Ugh.

Oh I should probably tell more details of the dates recap:
Met at 6:30 for sushi
Sushi arrived
Ate sushi
Was out of there by 7:35pm

But since we didn't email during the date, I give him a 5/10.

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