Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Giant appetizer and beer.

One of my other things I have been doing lately is being set up w/ guys through my friends. Back in the old days before Internet dating, I think this was the way to do things besides meeting guys in bars. I believe my parents met at a party and I'm sure alcohol had something to do with it. Maybe that is why I'm always resorting to alcohol as a means to meeting men. Or I just enjoy the taste of it too.

My friend Janna from work and her friend Jane who I have met once a few weekends ago suggested her brother Dave for me. I think when someone sets you up, and you are pretty darn single like me, you can't really say no, and I want to meet new people so I have no problem w/ someone saying "hey I have Joe Schmo for ya" What do I really have to loose? Exactly.

I emailed with Dave for about a week where in the last email he gave me his number. One of my rules is, I don't call guys. Guys call me. Yes, it might be a dumb rule, but it's my rule. Deal with it. So when he gave me his number I emailed him back my number and said we should meet up for a drink. From that first date I had w/ that Scott guy, I have felt that you need to usually meet within a week to two weeks from contact because your email and talking connection could be totally off.

Monday night Dave called me while I was in boring Expo Management class. I called him after to arrange a time to get together. We realized we work right by each other, so we agreed to meet at 4:11pm at Quaker Steak & Lube. At 4:11pm I arrived right on time (what can I say, I'm good at that weird time stuff) Dave was already there at bar. I had seen one picture of him so I had a general idea of what he looked like. Janna and Melissa had the pleasure of picking their own montage of pictures of me (one of them was of me holding a big plate of sushi...really girls? :) )

Dave and I ordered a giant Miller Lite beer and a giant appetizer thing. You know me, my love for food and beer, I was in heaven. While the conversation was good and very light hearted, I couldn't help but feel like I was talking to one of my cousins or brother. Dave was a little more country boy than I'm used to, so when I say I felt like I was talking to my cousins or brother who are country boys, it's not a bad thing, but it's not really what I'm looking for and there wasn't much of a connection. I hate to say it "he's a nice guy but...."

He's a nice guy but.......

Oops! Janna pointed out I didn't do my ranking of dates. My bad!

6/10. Not bad, not good. Just not what I'm looking for. The search continues!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Brink Lounge

While emailing back and fourth with boy #2 from, who we shall call P. Hally. He invited me to the Brink Lounge where he bartends on the weekends. While this doesn't count for a date, I do feel the need to let everyone know how this encounter went.

I had to drag my friend Louise (and yes I did have to drag her out, due to the fact we both ran a hellish 1/2 marathon we were sore that we couldn't walk) My plan was to arrive at 7pm and stay for around 2 hours to check him out and what not. At 7 we arrived and took a seat at the bar. Bartender had said he was the only male bartender on staff. Upon review we noticed there were no male bartenders at all. Just female bartenders. Ummm ok? We ordered a drink and sat there chit chatting wondering where the hell he was. I was tempted to ask the female bartender if there was a P. Hally working just to make sure we were in the right place. Finally at around 8pm a male bartender arrived and sure enough it was P.Hally. Right away he gave me a double take. We both had the "ok, I think that is the person I have been talking to, but I just need to look again and make sure" I then sat there not sure what I should say. I totally drew a mind blank. So, Louise, being the great friend she is, said she would go to the bathroom, so I could flag him down. Well at that point he decided to hide behind the bar area so I couldn't get his attention. Finally he came back around and I waved a bit and said "What you aren't even going to say hi to me?" He then proceeded to laugh and say he figured it was me sitting there but he didn't want to be an idiot and say something if it wasn't me. We all then started talking to each other, he was very friendly to me and Louise.

All 3 of us talked for a good hour, and at the point Louise had to leave for her Halloween party. It was almost 9:30 by then, I wasn't sure if I stayed there, he would view me as a dork just hanging out w/ him. So I asked him if it was cool if I hung out for a bit more w/ him. He was totally cool with it and said he liked talking to me (yeah!!!!) Our conversation was very good, he talked a ton about himself, yet asked me a ton of questions. He is a very open and honest guy about online dating. Which was actually kind of nice to hear someone be that open about it. And being on there is no reason to not be open and admit the fact you are seeing someone from the site later that week either. I'm sure most people wouldn't enjoy the fact he was saying that, but it put alot of things in perspective for me about being that open.

At about 11 I was getting tired (stupid 1/2 marathon) and decided things were going pretty good at that point, that I felt confident enough leaving and I didn't want to be to annoying while I sat at the bar. We mingled for another 15min saying goodbye, where he finally got my number because I wouldn't give it to him right away (gotta make them work for it!)

While this wasn't a "date" I thought it was a great way to meet up w/ him. I left feeling pretty confident that I will get a phone call from him.

I give the meet up a 8.5/10. :)

oh AND he gave me a few free drinks while I sat there-Coffee flavored vodka mixed w/ cream (OMG) so good! Key lime martini and wedding cake martini. Bonus points for this guy!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A day in the life of Andrea's dating...

So upon texting back and fourth w/ boy #1, Scott on Saturday afternoon, we confirmed we would meet up at the Sports Pub at 3 to watch the Packer Game.

At 2:53pm he text me saying he was there and he was at a table right in the front, which was a sigh of relief because I never know where to meet anyone when it’s a date like this. I got there right at 3:00 and found him. Upon review I was pleasantly surprised; he did look like his pictures, cute. I was a tad bit nervous, just because that’s the way I am. The game started and he and I started talking. While it was hard to have a conversation due to the fact we were watching the football game, I could feel myself talking but then quickly looking away to see what the play on the TV was. While the conversation was good, we got along good, he was nice and funny.

Towards the end of the date though I could kind of feel myself maybe getting a little bored. I was supposed to meet my friend at 7 to work on homework, so I kept looking at my phone to know the time. He said he understood that if I had to go I could leave. But I said since my friend wasn’t texting me back yet, there wasn’t any reason for me to leave. The Packers won and then we started watching the Jets game because they were in OT. At the end of the jets game, he seemed to quickly get up and want to go. Now keep in mind, when I got there he was sitting, and in his profile he said he was 5’8. When walking out to the car, he was maybe only 5’6. Again no big deal. We stood there and said good bye and he said he would be in touch.

I left not really feeling goose bumps. I felt more of a friend connection more than anything. While he didn’t do anything wrong and it wasn’t a bad date by any means. I didn’t feel a spark. I almost feel like we had a better spark over email than in person. Which is weird. In conclusion, I would give him a 2nd chance and go out w/ him again to maybe see if something is there and it was first date jitters. But alas, I find him and I might just be better friends.

Date rating 6 out of 10.