Monday, November 3, 2008

Holy schnikies! I have 5 people following my blog. :)

WOW-who would have thought I'd be this popular with my blog that 5 of my friends would want to be followers. This must be what it feels like to be God. Or at least something like that.

Well, to keep my fans following, I have a date to write about.

Upon emailing with Dave the Pilot for almost two weeks since I started Match, I was starting to get a little antsy with the dude. Yeah, it's fine to be emailing and getting to know each other, but at some point ya either gotta meet up or just not meet. I simply emailed him and said, "hey, here is my phone number, we should meet up sometime for a drink" After my date on Tuesday w/ the other Dave, I received a call from Dave the Pilot (who happens to be a pilot) we talked for about 30min which was pretty good conversation. Finally towards the end of the conversation he asked if I wanted to meet up for a drink. We decided to meet up and watch the Packer game on Sunday (hmm either I really love my Packers this much or I just can't think of any other creative date ideas) I couldn't remember the time of the game so I told him I would be in touch w/ him about watching the game. Saturday afternoon after I watched my Badgers lose (bad Wisconsin sports weekend) I called up the Pilot where we decided to go the the Sports Pub and watch the Packer game. Yes, basically it's the same date as it was w/ that Scott guy. Nice Andrea. :)

At 12 we both arrived pretty much at the same time, he was at the front door waiting. Upon review, he was alright looking. He looked like his picture, which was a good thing, probably a little bit taller then me, again since he put himself as "average" I always feel like I'm towering over these guys for some reason. We took a seat the bar, where we were nicely crammed in. That kind of annoyed me cuz I like sitting at a table where I can have enough room, cuz apparently I like to sprawl myself out? I ordered my usual Spotted Cow and he got a Blood Lite, which was Bud Lite. The game started and we had a good flow of conversation. Again, I was kicking myself for picking the Packer game to watch because I get that into it, I tend to trail off of what I'm saying, or I half listen to the guy because I'm more focused on watching Donald Driver (mmhmm me likey Donald Driver, oh crap there I go again loosing my train of thought)

Highlights of the date:
1. Right away I spilled a nice amount of beer down the front of my shirt, which he pretty much ignored my messiness.
2. He was funny and had good stories to tell and I was actually laughing and not giving him the fake laugh.
3. We ended up drinking 4 glasses of beer and ordered chicken nachos.
4. I didn't get bored on the date
5. He asked why I choose to go to school for nursing. And if any of you know me, I am not in school to go to nursing. *But* I'm not angry because being on Match and talking to a gazillion guys, it is hard to keep facts straight.
6. Me and his dad have the same birthday. Yes, it's not the most exciting highlight, but it's my birthday week.

The game ended up going into overtime, where my Packers indeed lost. That was kind of a crappy thing though. We left the bar and in the parking lot he asked what I thought of him, which I give him props for being bold enough to ask instead of being a wimp. I said I had fun and I would like to hang out w/ him again. Since it's my birthday week, I said I would be pretty busy but maybe next week. Him being a pilot he does have a weird work schedule.

I give him a rating of 7.5/10. I think if we get past the first date boring questions there could be something there. While I'm not wildly attracted to him, he could grow on me.

And here are the updates on the other dates and men in my life:
1. Scott, the first guy I went out w/, did in fact email me two days later and I replied back to him, where I then never heard back from him after that. Buuuuut, Saturday night when I was out w/ my friend Louise at the Great Dane, chillin at the bar, who walks in? Scott. Where then he pretty much hid behind a poll because he saw me and I think he might have been afraid of me. Nice buddy.
2. P Hally-I had not heard from him until Saturday where he emailed me and said he did end up loosing my number since he wrote it on a piece of paper. He is someone who has peeked my interest yet again.
3. Dave did email me after our first date, in which he wanted to hang out again, I put the kibosh on that and told him no.
4. The Marine has started texting me again. Sigh.

Oh and for Halloween, I was a "the walk of shame" which in theory was an awesome costume, though I just looked like I was dressed up at the bar w/ messy hair and makeup.

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Cindi said...

Go Chica!! I'm so proud of you for putting yourself out there and dating all these different guys!