Thursday, November 20, 2008

I'm making this short & sweet

Short & sweet. We all know I could go on for hours and hours talking. But I have found someone who can talk more than me. I'm in shock. One of my pet peeves in life is when you are out w/ someone and they give one word short answers. Well, I went out w/ Kurt for the 2nd time last night and I can tell you right now, I highly doubt I will ever get a one word answer from him. EVER. I like that though. It finally gets me to shut up for once and awhile and actually be able to relax and not have to talk.

So, I'm gonna keep this blog entry short & sweet, and write about the cool things that happened.

I had talked to Kurt Sunday night trying to see if I got the vibe from him wanting to see me again or if he never wanted to talk to me again. Luckily he had picked the the right one of wanting to see me again. We decided to meet up Wednesday night, getting some din din and go bowling. I had bragged about my bowling skills (though if anyone knows me, I have none, I just like to brag) He couldn't meet up till 8ish that night and my original plan was to go home after class and chill. Well that changed when I saw my sister and we decided to go shopping instead.........2.5 hours later and I have a new wardrobe! Sweet! Oh, back to the date! We met up and Noodles & Company at about 8:06pm on the East side. Right away when I saw him, I definitely thought he was still cute-I have problems where I think a guy is cute, then I see him again and I'm like WTF was I thinking? We spent a good hour at Noodles & Company talking. Just talking. It was cool. He carries himself so well when he talks, it makes him even more attractive for some reason. We headed over to Boulevard to get our bowl on. I could tell the flirting level had definitely risen about 50% from the first date, first date was very formal, this one was more flirty and fun. First game went well, I only lost by 2 whole points, with a high score of 86. Then the 2nd game happened and it all went down hill from there. I have no bowling skills and Kurt was happy to point out how bad I was. He really upped his game and won by like 30 points. So by the 3rd game I knew I was pretty much screwed and lost by 100 points. Sigh, yeahhhhhhhh. I guess bowling ain't my game. But it was a lot of fun! We hung out talking for another 30 min at the bowling alley (cuz apparently no one bowls on Wednesday nights) We left and walked out to our cars in the parking lot, doing the awkward good bye in the freezing cold weather (yeah I didn't wear a jacket cuz you can't wear a jacket w/ the vest w/ da fur, you look preggers if you do) he said he would give me a call this weekend and went in to give me a hug. I of course said "What, I only get a hug from you?!?!?"

I'll just say this...........

I didn't just get a hug last night. It was cute. Awwwwwww ok shut up now.

And apparently, I can't write a blog that is short and sweet huh?

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Cindi said...

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW so cute and adorable! I'm glad the 2nd date went well!