Sunday, November 8, 2009


As you recall, last year I did and successfully went on 7 first dates and 1 second date. Which in my mind was kind of a failure.

As of Sunday evening, eHarmony has sent me 27 potential dudes. Like actual good dudes too. On Friday I had gotten a guy we shall call "D" interested. We did the standard questions we had to send back and fourth to each other, along w/ the must haves and can't stands. Then good old Dr. Warren sent his message to us and then we were free to chat. D emailed me and he seemed like a cool dude, he invited me out Saturday to Babe's because I had said I liked country music, and he said his friend was in a country band that was playing. Of course Friday evening when I came home from my one birthday party, I was a bit intoxicated when I got his email, being the smart intoxicated person, I refrained from emailing him at that point. On Saturday morning when I was a bit sober, I sent him an email saying I was going to be going to the UW Hockey game for my birthday party #2, but I wasn't sure what was going on after, so I gave him my number and told him to call me and maybe we could meet up.

So after we got done w/ the hockey game we headed to the Nitty Gritty. I got a text from D asking how the game was and what was all going on, I told him I was at the Nitty Gritty and he asked if it was ok if he could stop by and buy me a shot. Buying me shots is one way to my heart. He then asked how many people where there w/ me. I told him there was 7 of us. We were at the upstairs area hanging out and about 5 min later D showed up. Right away I knew it was him. He sent me a text saying he was at the upstairs part of the bar and to look for him. I went over to him and said hi, and we talked really briefly. He had a huge tray of shots of Dirty Girl Scout shots so I asked them who they were for. He said "your friends" Umm yes, he bought shots for me and all my friends. Umm hi. Awesome. And they were really good shots too, even better. He also bought me a beer when we were up there as well. Big points for D within the first 5 minutes.

We chatted for a few minutes, when the Nitty Gritty decided to put the heat on full blast, I sat there holding my beer and was wiping my sweat mustache I was that hot. Everyone was hot. So I said I couldn't stay there because the heat was making me want to vomit. We then left the bar and sat outside the Nitty Gritty for 30 minutes talking. I was still w/ a few my friends and D was fitting in like he had known them for years. It was great!

We decided to leave, but D said he had to go back home and take care of his drunk friend that was at his house. We kind of parted ways in an awkward way, not bad, but it wasn't the solidified good bye I wanted.

We got to the next bar and of course my freak out mode began and right away, Aimee's husband Henry told me I was over thinking it way to much already. Ummm he was right. Tell him I said that Aimee:)

This morning at 9:15am I got a text from him saying good morning and asked how the rest of my night was. We text back and fourth and he said he would like to hang out w/ me one on one sometime and asked what I was doing for the day. I stupidly figured he was asking me if I wanted to do something, not the standard what are you doing. I told him what I was doing and that if he wanted to hang out later that night I was free. He then replied that he was busy tonight, but would love to hang out this week or next weekend sometime.

We shall see what happens and when we will be able to get together. I'm excited so far, but as we have learned from my history, I need to not the jump the gun and start planning my wedding. I do also have a huge inventory of men that I need to read through their profiles too.

Stay tuned for more details.........................

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