Sunday, November 15, 2009

I'm goin' through the Big D and don't mean Dallas

Don't ask where I got this title from. Well besides it's a great Mark Chestnutt song. Google it.

D and I were supposed to go out last Thursday night. At the last minute, well 4 hours prior to the date, he had to cancel becauase he was stuck up north. I was not a happy camper, but he at least text me and told me. Well Friday night my friend Brooke text me saying she couldn't go to the UW Basketball game w/ me on Sunday. Originally in our texts he had asked if I could hang out Sunday night first, but since I had the game w/ Brooke I told him I couldn't. Well since now I was open Sunday night I figured I would text him to see if he was interested in going to the game w/ me, something quick and casual ya know? I text him Friday night saying my friend couldn't come and if he wanted he could come with me. He said he had gotten an offer to go to the Packer game that day. After I got that text I just assumed he was going to that.

Saturday night I got a text from him saying "if you still have that ticket available for the UW game tomorrow, I'll take it" Umm huh? I thought he was going to the Packer game. Well since it was available I told him so, well he FINALLY just called me and we talked for 20min. He said he did have an offer for BOX SEATS AT THE PACKERS VS COWBOYS GAME and he gave them up to hang out w/ ME. That's right ME. I even told him he was crazy for this. Crazy. And it better be a damn good date now huh? Lot's of pressure.

D picked me up (I know 2 people who know him so I felt safe having him pick me up) we went to BW3's for wings and beer and to watch the Packer game before going to the UW game. I'm a die hard Packer fan and I actually found it hard to pay attention to the game, we were talking that much and having a good time. It was awesome. We laughed a ton too. We then headed to the UW game and of course got in there right before half time. Oops, if Wisconsin was playing a tough team I might be angry, but we were playing some no name school so it was fine by me. Again, we watched the game, but talked and had a great time. He even had his arm around me too. Oh and D seems to know the right people in Madison because he always has box seats for sporting events, so it was kind of funny making him sit w/ the "regular" people.

After the game he drove me back home where we shared a few good night kisses. I did not sleep w/ him and whore it up. GO ME!

Highlights of the date:
He opened my car door. EVERY.SINGLE.TIME
Helped take off my jacket when we got to the game
He told me I had beautiful eyes and smile.
He kept telling me how sweet I was
He also said he was glad he didn't go to the Packer game
And he just text me asking when our 2nd date was.

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