Monday, May 4, 2009

Probably the most boring blog you will ever read..

And............I'm sick AGAIN! No worries, it's not the swine flu. I'm sure you are thinking "weren't you sick like two blogs ago?" Yup, I was and that is the main reason I haven't been blogging much is because I haven't really gone out cuz I have felt like crap 99.9% of the time. I even went to the doctor (which I hate doing) and they gave me an antibiotic which I was taking, but low behold, I get sick again. I have a crappy immune system eh?

I'll fill you in on my glorious details of what my weekend was, snot rags and all!

Friday night: Took 3 hour nap after work. I was supposed to go out w/ some friends for a graduation/bday party. Yeah, I did decide to not go in the first place because I had a run on Saturday, but with me feeling like crap, it probably was a better idea for me not to go out. I almost should have went out, seeing as I kept waking up from my stupid cold and not being able to breath. I barely got any sleep, hence why I should have just drank instead!

Saturday-Run. Blah. It sucks running with a head cold. And what sucks even more about running with a head cold? Running and being super duper hungry and thinking you get to eat whatever you want, but when you bite into your yummy food, you can't taste anything! Not even the good nachos you made. We all know I puffy heart nachos. Notta, no taste. So after not being able to taste my food and having a killer headache, I took another 3 hour nap. Woke up and talked to my friend Louise because her and her friends were going out for the night and oh I SO wanted to go too, but again, this stupid cold had me sitting on my couch watching stupid TV.

Sunday-*sneeze*blow my nose*sneeze*blow my nose* (yes you are getting all the gory details) I spent the beautiful day inside doing homework and sneezing and blowing my nose. Glamorous, I know. I did manage to read outside for a bit to get some sun in. Then I headed down to the great town of Janesville, WI to have a belated birthday dinner for my friend Cindi. And the best part, aside from hanging out w/ Cindi, was it was a free meal. Woot! Who doesn't love a free meal!?!?!

*Hopefully* Next Monday I will have a ton to write about because I'm going to the big city of Chicago (alright it's technically Streamwood, IL. but saying Chicago sounds so much cooler, sorry Aimee) to hang out w/ Aimee for the weekend. All I have to say is Aimee better have the best weekend ever for me! Right Aimee? I know you are reading this...

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