Saturday, May 23, 2009

Waiting for my sleeping pill to kick in...

Had I not taken a 6 hour nap, yeah that's right 6 HOURS OF NAPPING. Heck, I think that's considered just going back to bed really.

Of course, chilling at home on a Saturday night makes me feel ultra lame. Not sure why, seeing as the last two weekends in a row I have been traveling from stupid Chicago and all the way up to Green Bay, you would think I'd relish in the fact I am not doing a damn thing. Part of me does like just sitting here and part of me feels like a lame-o person.

Since I can't sleep, I figured I'd update you all w/ my guy situation. Or lack of guy situation after last night. And can I just say, I called it! He's just not that into you, well he's just not that into me I guess. My gut was a wee bit off the first date, but Thursday night my gut was right back on track with realizing this guy was just not that into me!

Almost 48 hours after I called Scuba he FINALLY called me back. 48 Hour Mystery anyone? I should have tuned into that TV show instead of whatever dumb show I was watching. I was walking out the door to meet with my cousin to catch up on our reality shows when he called. I decided to "silence" my phone when he called because I'm 99% sure he did it to me when I called Wednesday (have I mentioned it was Friday he was calling?!?!?!?!?!) I made my way over to my cousin's house.

I told her the whole situation. Short version of the story: Meet Tuesday. Called Thursday to confirm date on Sunday. 9 hour date Sunday. I called Wednesday to see what he was up to for the weekend. He called Friday and didn't leave a voicemail. First of all, who takes two days to call someone back and when they do finally call back they don't leave a voicemail. Really? Ughhh. So am I supposed to call him back? Who freaking knows? After discussing it with her and saying "Fk it, let's call him back to see what he says" I thought maybe after talking to him I'd be more clear of the situation. After Friday night it's as clear as mud to me now.

When I called Scuba back he said he was at Laredo's in Fitchburg w/ my sister, her boyfriend and our friend's Kate and Fred. He invited me out there (late invite huh?) Well since I was hanging out w/ my cousin I said the only way I'd go out there was if she could come with because I'm not ditching her when I have plans.

Without going into to much detail cuz my sleeping pill is starting to work. We got to the restaurant and sat down w/ the group. The way my friends are, they magically moved around so I was seated next to Scuba. You would think this would lead to great opportunities to talk to him. Nope that didn't really happen. While we did talk to each other, I felt like he was more talking at me and not to me. He was fine talking with the whole group of people, but one on one I felt like he didn't care I was even there. And it's not like I'm asking him to greet me w/ a big hug and devote his whole conversation to me, but come on, show me something here. The first night we met he was able to single me out somehow but I felt like I was the stranger in my own group of friends. WTF? During one of our conversations, he mentioned something about him hating Sex and the City. Ok, obviously everyone doesn't have to love every TV show and he is a guy. But then he proceeded to keep telling me how horrible of a show it was and yada yada yada. He just kept going on and on about how much of a bad show it was. Ok dude I get it. And at this point I'm a bit buzzed and annoyed with him. While he was in the bathroom Kate told me that they had kind of yelled at him for taking two days to call me back. His response was that he was unsure of things because he is going to be deployed in August and didn't know where things were going. Umm did I propose marriage during the first date? No. I understand deploying is a big deal, but we only went on one date and it's only May, we still have 2 months to figure out if we like or hate each other.

We all left at the same time and said bye. That was it. No "I'll call you" or "Way to go drinking way too many margaritas in 3 hours" nothing.

Like I said. It's as clear as mud.

The thing is, he isn't a bad guy at all. I don't think he is shady by any means. He's just not that into me, like all the guys I seem to meet.

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