Monday, June 1, 2009

Another one bites the dust....

Yup. You heard me right. Yet another guy is gone out of my life. Wha?!?! Did you miss some great story of me dating some random guy? Nope. It's sadly one of my good guy friends. Ray. Well I guess he isn't a good guy friend anymore huh?

Without going in to too much drama and sob story about the whole situation it's basically this. It wasn't a mutual defriend by any means. Yes there was an argument that happened back in APRIL that was apologized for the stupid things I said. I admit, I said stupid things. But guess what, I apologized right away and he said "don't worry about it" and then he said "I want to be the guy there for you" oh and the best line EVER "I'll call you tomorrow, I promise"

It's now JUNE. No call. No nothing. Oh yes, I have called. I have called quite a few times and text. Am I being crazy girl? Probably. But for the love of God, this guy has been my friend for the last 5 years. He has seen me thru all my ups and downs and is the person I tell 99% of my worries of life and everything under the sun. And we have only seen each other 3 times in our life. How does one become this close w/ a dude aside from marrying him? By talking on the phone for 5 years. That's how. And now it's all basically come to an end for me. I don't know what to do or say any more. I keep correlating this to the big breakup w/ Stupid Boy in 07. My feelings are hurt beyond belief right now. No guy has made me feel this way since Stupid Boy. The worst part of all............I don't even know what I did wrong!!!!!!!!!!! He won't even tell me why he isn't talking to me anymore. WHO DOES THAT TO THEIR FRIENDS? Yes, I have been partial to defriending some of my friends over the years, but with the other defriendings, there has been a last word of "don't talk to me every again" or "I hate you, you smell" not "I promise to call you tomorrow" And then NEVER hearing from them again!

I have come to the conclusion, I really can't trust what guys say anymore. Not even my guy friends. How sad is that?

Here are some of the great quotes guys have said to me that mean jack squat:

"If I don't call you for a few days, it doesn't mean I don't care, it just means I'm really busy" This was done by Shady Matt. Of course after saying this he proceeded to never call me back.

"I don't like to games" Said by Scuba Steve. Really Scuba? I think taking a good 48 hours to return a girls call back is playing games.

"Yeah, I can't wait to go to the concert tomorrow w/ you, I'll call you about details" This one was said by that Kurt guy a few months back. He ended up being sick and then getting rid of me the next day.

"I'll never let another guy hurt you" Said by yours truly, Stupid Boy. Little did he know after we broke my dating life has been all down hill.

"We should hang out sometime" Said by.....crap I can't remember his name...oh Preston. And I'm sure other guys have said those same words to me too.

"I don't want you to think I'm using you for a booty call" Of course The Marine. Yes, dude of course you are only wanting to use me for a booty call or for your NCAA basketball brackets.

"I'll call you sometime" Said by every guy out there.

I'm sure I could think of a trillion more, but that might just get a little too depressing.

I give up. I'm throwing in the towel at this point with the whole male species.

How does one enter the nunnery? Seriously.


RachelAnn said...

One word - Wisconsin. I moved from Ohio to Minneapolis a year ago, and just moved to WI w my fiance. It's no wonder you can't find a good guy.....try the twin cities, fresh meat!

Krysten & Dustin Hartenstein said...

Just ventured over from 20SB

Most guys just suck. Especially guys in their 20s. Ugh. They're awful. It's like they're programmed to be jerks.

You eventually just find one that someone missed the jerk programming. You just have to dig. Really deep.