Monday, June 15, 2009

Boy meets Girl

This is a story of boy meets girl.

Boy meets girl as he is kicking her out of the brewery due to it closing. Girl is feeling very ballsy and with a little liquid courage starts talking to bouncer boy. Bouncer boy knows drunk girls last name because he checked her ID at the front door. Drunk girl is intrigued by bouncer boy and starts talking to him about everything and anything. Drunk girl then decides that she should hang out w/ new found boy because he seems cool. Drunk girl gives her number to him and invites him out the next night. Drunk girl leaves the bar. Bouncer boy then texts drunk girl and invites her to bar again where he works.

From then on girl is finding herself hanging out at the brewery where boy works. Boy is very cute. Boy also thinks girl is cute and tells her that. Boy is very good about refilling beer for girl. This makes girl very happy.

Boy invites girl out to a friends party. Girl finds herself having a very good time and not feeling awkward. Girl is finding herself liking boy even more.

Boy and girl *finally* kiss in parking lot after boy takes girl back to her car.

Boy then texts girl to make sure she got home safe. *swoon*

Boy says fo sho which is one of girls favorite sayings.

Boy says he will call. Boy DOES call. Boy asks girl to go to Devil's Lake next Sunday.

Girl is happy.


Rachel said...

Oh wow you met a boy, exchanged numbers, he texted, you hung out and actually like each other?? Umm yeah I do not know what that is like anymore since I keep meeting guys who belong to the "Giant Tool Club of America"
Love the blog:0)

Cant Hardly Wait said...

That's WAY better than mine. I met my latest interest on accident. I drunk dialed a guy friend(which I ALWAYS do cause i'm bomb), and ended up talking to someone else about the Minnesota Vikings for 3 fucking hours.

Have fun!