Friday, September 11, 2009

Well then...

Whelp. He called. Tonight at 9:57pm. Yes it's only 20min later....shut it.

Though my phone was upstairs and I was down stairs watching Top Chef. Yes, I'm fully aware it's a Friday night people and it's obvious I'm not doing a damn thing.

He gets brownie points for leaving a voicemail AND apologizing at least 5 times in the voicemail. Oh and then double bonus points for saying "I'm busy this weekend up in Fondy (is that what people from there call Fond du Lac ) but give me a call sometime next week and we can grab a beer."

And of course this was after my mental breakdown to Becki and my mom of "why can't I even make guy friends at this point? They all hate me" Insert tears too.

Am I a wee bit over dramatic? Yes.

But I will take the wise words of wisdom from everyone that I heard and simply say/think. I don't care.

Ok kidding. I totally care, I got giddy seeing he called. But, mark my words, I will not be the normal Andrea you usually see. Change is coming. And I got the hair do to prove it.

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