Monday, July 6, 2009

Well...he said it!

The 3 magical words a girl wants to hear!

CBB: I know this is a little far off..but whats gonna happen when I move back to River Falls?

Ok, so maybe it's not 3 words like I said, but at this stage, for a guy to say this to me, makes me pretty excited.

Though keep in mind, this was said over a text at 2:16am while he was extremely drunk and I was sleeping. Sooo maybe not "sweep me off my feet" material. But, as you know, drunk minds are one of the most truthful/honest minds out there.

I think that I'm excited that he is actually thinking of the future w/ me maybe in it. It's been one month since we met. I have yet to have my fear of him saying "see ya" and never texting or calling me again.

Oh and of course, he is at his dad's cabin for a few days, so we have yet to continue the conversation of what's going to happen. Just my kind of luck.

As for M. Things are still going good w/ him too. After a long cruddy day Wednesday he called me up and we went to see the Ice Age 3 movie. It was cute. M is very affectionate, caring and sweet.

I'm still stuck. I like them both. They both bring different things to the table and I enjoy spending time w/ both of them. It's like picking vanilla or chocolate. I can't decide!

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