Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Worry wart alert.

Hey remember the time I made a post about me actually not worrying.

Here I sit 2 days later. Worried.

Why? I HAVE NO FREAKING CLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Normally when I worry, it's because something feels "off" or it's me analyzing the heck out of a situation.

Yes, I have been thinking about what CBB said the other day. He drunk text me last night and it was cute (no serious questions were asked)

WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG W/ ME? Why can't I just chillax for once? For a whole month I have nothing but a calm cool cucumber. But now I feel like I need to be admitted or something.

I put a rubber band around my wrist for anytime I think negative things I snapped it. Not sure if this will help the situation though.

Oh yeah, and doing some searching on the Internets yesterday I found out something about M. I will wait to talk to M about what I found before I post though.

Me thinks I like CBB just a smidgen more over M right now too. Sigh.

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