Monday, January 19, 2009

Well that went down hill fast...

I dunno how it happened, but I went from thinking Justin the Marine was cool, to OMG shut up and don't ever talk to me again.

We text and talked through out the week. But instead of feeling excited about him, I started to dread talking to him. One reason is because he had a crappy phone and the connection sucked, so half the time I had to say "huh" cuz I couldn't understand what the crap he was saying. Other than that, I didn't feel like we were meshing at all.

We went to dinner at Panera and then to the movie Grand Turino (however you spell it) and I honestly think my highlight of the night was the movie and my 1/2 asiago beef sandwich. That thing was goooooooooooood! Right away the moment we sat down I wanted to scream. It was obvious to me we just weren't clicking at all. As soon as I could tell we weren't clicking I just shut down, I didn't want to be there one bit.

During the movie he talked, he talked a ton. I HATE when people talk during movies. Hate hate hate it! I wanted to throw something at him.

We left the movie and he asked if I liked it. I said "yeah it was interesting" he asked if that was code word for me thinking it was boring. Umm no, if I thought it was boring, I would tell you it was boring.

He took me back to my car. I think the first part of the date he was thinking things were going good, but by the end I'm sure he knew something was up. We said good bye and that was it.

There is a newer prospect out there that I might be just a little bit more interested in...

Stay tuned to Friday morning for the details on our date Thursday night. :)

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