Saturday, January 10, 2009

Snow date!

Oops I did it again...

I went out w/ another guy in the military. Or I guess I should say was in the military. I think it's the uniforms or something, but I'm drawn to them. Even when I was running circles at the Princeton Club this morning I couldn't help but stare at the army guy. Though I'm sure I looked horrible w/ no makeup or the whole I haven't showered in a few days look.

It's funny how I go into cycles, one day I want to be in a relationship and date and then the next I have no interest in it. On Christmas night I was all by myself watching The Notebook (insert awww isn't she lame) and figured I should reactivate my account since I had 3 weeks left of my subscription. The next day at work was super duper slow at work so I decided to troll the site looking for my next victim...or man I should say.

The new Marine emailed me first (since I have a rule that I don't wink or email at people) he emailed me a joke which I thought was funny yet I figured he went around and sent that joke to every girl, which one of my pet peeves of men on is the mass email they send to every girl saying: "I read your profile and really liked it! You seem fun and interesting, lets email and get to know each other." That is SO annoying. So, what did I do? I called him out on his joke email telling him I figured he sends that to every girl. And from there we emailed for a week, I then went to Florida and when I came back I emailed him. Before I left for Florida I was thinking of asking him out myself but my sister told me to at least wait for him to ask me. And me being lazy I figured why not, I'm sick of putting myself out there and asking a guy to do something and being turned down. When I came back and emailed him he asked me if I wanted to go sledding. I haven't sled in 10 years and I'm not much of a snow person in general, but I thought it was a cool fun date idea.

We talked briefly on the phone a few days before the date. I was a little scared because our conversation wasn't all star conversation, it was pretty brief, so I thought that the date would be a disaster. (Yeah I had to have Betsy and Melissa tell me to knock it off and stop worrying)

I arrived at Radar Hill, which apparently is better sledding than Elver Hill. Right away I thought he was an attractive guy. Nice smile and nice eyes. I of course was looking my very best in snow pants. Our conversation was good, he has a ton of funny good stories, and he was asking me questions too. It was nice to have something different for a date too. Since it was a different setting that I'm used to, I didn't feel like I was on a date with him, which then made me feel more comfortable and not having cookie cutter conversation. As the date progressed it started to feel more relaxed and I started to be more myself instead of first date Andrea. We went up and down the hill a ton of times, having so much fun. I of course whiped out a few too many times. And he of course made fun of me. Which I like! So I of course started making fun of him too. It was just fun. We were sledding for a good hour and a half, and at that point we started to get cold, he said he had hot cocoa for us, but it was going to be an experiment. I'm thinking to myself, what the heck is he talking about? We go over to his truck and he busts out his camping gear kind of things. Keep in mind I don't camp all to often, so I probably won't have the right terminology. Anyways, he had a mobile heater thing and a separate thing filled w/ water. So there we sat on the back of his truck talking while we waited for the water to heat. It was so different and funny. He was that much of a planner and even brought marshmallows. I was thoroughly impressed with his creativeness. And I can say I have never had a guy make me hot cocoa like this. It was cute.

He asked me if I wanted to hang out w/ him again and I said I did. No clue what we will do on date number 2, but I'm sure it will be something different.

Date rate: 8.75/10


Aimee said...

Yeah...sounds awesome. I want to go on that date! You need to start posting these guys pictures with the blog!

Cindi said...

Glad you put yourself back out there for dating againg.