Friday, January 23, 2009

First dates are awesome when they don't feel like first dates.....

Long story short of how I met PBR.

My friend Katie, is dating his roomate Travis. One night we went out and I asked Travis if he had any single guy friends for me. He showed me a picture of PBR and said he was single. I thought he was cute, so without me knowing, Travis took a picture of me and sent it to PBR. PBR then said he thought I was cute too. That was a month ago too. Last week me, Katie and Louise decided to go out and celebrate the beginning of our semester. The night before Katie told me that she invited Travis and his roommate out w/ us. When I first saw PBR I thought he was really cute still, we hung out w/ everyone that night and then two days later he called me and I invited him to go out to the Essen Haus for my sister's birthday. Him, Katie and Travis came out w/ us for a bit. PBR then said he would take me to dinner one night this week.

Probably because I've hung out w/ PBR two times before our date, I felt like we had already gone through the awkwardness of the first date questions and boring conversation.

We met up at his apartment to go to dinner. I bet your expecting me to write about how he knocked my socks off, w/ his impressive outfit, car and swagger. Nahh, he didn't. And I think that's what impressed me even more about him. He's a very simple (simple in a good way) guy.

We were really clicking over dinner. No silences in the conversation, I felt like this was our 5th date. We just had that comfort of talking to each other. It felt awesome. He's funny, very cute, has a great job, an awesome personality that match's mine and actually gets my sense of humor.

After dinner, we went back to his place and hung out.

Ta-da! The end!

OK ok, I knew you wouldn't accept that..

Without going into to many details.

We kissed. We kissed alot. He is a VERY good kisser. That is all we did. I promise.

And he said the 3 words every girl wants a guy to say when they first start hanging out...

"I like you" awwwww.

Date rating: 9.5/10

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Cindi said...

Awesome!! I'm glad you had a great date!